Discussing adoption as an alternative to abortion often spurs a debate, but the issue is so much larger than right and wrong. Adoption is a valid alternative to abortion not just because those who are pro-life say so, but because it offers the most reasonable compromise when a woman is face with an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy. Most women are not choosing abortion simply because they do not want a child. Abortion is often an alternative to the inability or unpreparedness to parent or, painfully present, pregnancy occurring from an assault. Adoption should be more encouraged and presented as a strong alternative to abortion simply because it provides a light in a very dark time and a life-giving alternative to all involved.

Adoption is Life-Giving

Regardless of where you might stand on when life begins, pregnancy will typically result in a child being born. The knowledge that a child would have been born otherwise is often hard to cope with for women who have chosen abortion. Regardless of being pro-life or pro-choice, there is little debate that trauma often results from abortion. While adoption does require sacrifice in carrying a pregnancy to term, it does allow the child a chance at life and for the trauma of abortion to be eliminated. There is no denial that adoption has its share of loss and trauma, but abortion only creates deeper trauma and a loss of life completely.

Adoption Is Obvious As the Better Alternative

While the debate between pro-life and pro-choice wields points on each side, when adoption is an alternative to abortion, it is always the better choice. This is not a discussion of whether or not there is a choice, but simply that the choice is clear. Adoption negates the need for abortion, as it does not require the birth mother to parent the child nor maintain a relationship with anyone involved. Alternately, adoption creates families and also allows for birth families to remain a part of the child’s life if they so choose. Adoption today is not the same as it was even ten years ago.

Adoption Has Options

The secrecy and shame that used to come with adoption is typically no longer the case. Adoptions can remain closed; however, levels of openness ranging from updates to visits are more commonplace and very achievable. Just because a pregnancy is unplanned or a birth mother is unable to parent does not mean that life is not the right choice for the child. There are thousands of parents willing to take an infant into their family. Choosing adoption over abortion allows for the chance at giving life to a child while maintaining a relationship or having options for a relationship when you are ready.

Abortion is often the thought that emerges when a woman feels she has no options and is enduring the initial shock of an unplanned pregnancy. However, abortion is an end, not a new beginning. Adoption allows for a mother to place her child in a safe home of her choosing without having to bare the burden of parenthood or relive a trauma. Adoption is simply the better option and can clearly be seen as such when given the proper chance. Adoption is the least traumatic option and gives all involved a chance at a future. If they so choose, this future can even include each other when the time is right.

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