Top 2 Experiences That Changed my Heart About Open Adoption


By Josh Redfern, LCSW // Utah Director of Social Work

Before we adopted our first child, one of my concerns/worries when we started the adoption process was about open adoption. I wasn’t super opposed to it, but it was a brand new concept to me that was kind of blowing my mind. It took some time and effort to get comfortable with it. A couple of things helped me:

  1. Attending a panel of birth parents speaking about their experiences. This helped me realize how incredibly normal birth parents can be and also gave me a real person to be empathetic towards. That empathy helps me to WANT to have openness.
  2. Meeting my oldest son’s birthmother and watching her go through the process of having him and placing him with us. If she can do something so hard and loving, why wouldn’t I want to have her in my life and in my son’s life?

Research is emerging that shows how open adoption can be healthy. Here’s a great article on that.

If you have reservations about open adoption, I understand. But I also know that with some education and support you can grow from just being “okay” with it to seeing it as a blessing to everyone involved.

Contact us if you have questions or concerns about open adoption and see how can help.

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