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Alex & Stephen

Hoping to Adopt (North Carolina)


Hello, Millie :)

We *finally* were able to meet our new niece, Millie, last weekend! She was born back in March (coincidentally on Alex's birthday) and we've been so patient in waiting to meet her. We had a lazy weekend full of snuggles and laughs. Her parents are doing great and it was so fun to see them in their new roles as parents. Millie is one lucky lady and we're so thankful she's here and that we can love all over her now!

Happy Birthday, Stephen!

We celebrated Stephen's birthday last week *hooray!* Things looked a little different this year but it was still a fun and special day - complete with kitchen decorations & a Texas donut from a local bakery :)

Emily & Erin graduate!

Emily and Erin both went to college at James Madison University. They were scheduled to graduate this past weekend with a big commencement ceremony at JMU and we all planned to travel up there to be a part of it and celebrate them, but with school life changing due to the corona virus, graduation was postponed until August 2020. Emily & Erin planned on spending the weekend at home, with their mom for Mother's Day, but we wanted to make the weekend special for them since they were missing out on such a special time in any college grad's life so my mom and I drove to VA to surprise them! We got into town before them and helped their mom, Georgia, decorate their house with balloons and homemade signs. When Emily & Erin arrived, my mom and I hid in a laundry closet and hopped out to surprise them when they came inside :) We spent the weekend all together, at home, laughing, telling stories, and celebrating the girls. Coincidentally, Georgia and her boyfriend, Michael, got engaged a few weeks ago (hooray!) so we also celebrated them this weekend. It wasn't anything fancy and I think we were all in our comfy clothes all weekend but it was so special for us all to be together, making memories.

Fun Traditions

I (Alex) will find any excuse to dress up and luckily, Stephen is a willing participant I love to make our costumes for Halloween, dress up for tacky Christmas parties, or help Stephen plan an outfit for Spirit Days at his school. Birthdays are a big deal in our family, too. I usually decorate our kitchen and dining room the night before Stephen's birthday so he's "surprised" when he wakes up. Last year for my birthday, my mom and dad had a local company who makes giant yard signs/phrases decorate our front yard as a surprise for me when I woke up. I returned the favor for their 6th wedding anniversary, except as a joke, I told the sign company that it was their 36th anniversary. That made for some funny conversation with their neighbors. We look forward to visiting Stephen's family in Northern England when we can. We always stay with Stephen's Aunt Pam when we visit. Christmas is Stephen's favorite time of the year, so we have a tradition of watching one Christmas movie every day from December 1st until December 25th. He also starts listening to Christmas music in his car nonstop as soon as Thanksgiving is over. We love to drive around and look at Christmas lights in different neighborhoods in our area. My favorite part of Christmas at our house is decorating for the holiday. I love hanging the lights outside, putting up our 2 Christmas trees and reminiscing about ornaments as we put them on the tree. Another fun Christmas tradition we have is when my mom, my stepsisters, and I have a Christmas cookie baking contest where the winner gets a necklace decorated with cookie cutters. I'm the current reigning champ

This Is Home

We live in a two story home on a cul-de-sac in a clean, family friendly neighborhood that's in the suburbs. Our house has 4 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. We have a screened in porch that we (us our cats) really enjoy spending time on. We have a large backyard that backs up to a small creek. Our home is 15 minutes away from the school Stephen teaches at and we're about the same distance away from family. The neighborhood we live in has a big park that offers a playground, basketball court, walking trails, and large open play area. We have a mixture of diverse young families and empty-nesters that live in our neighborhood - some of which have lived here since the neighborhood was established in the early 80's. We live in an area of town that's made up of other suburban neighborhoods, full of young working professionals and families, as well as being surrounded by up and coming areas that are being revitalized with new retail and food options. We're close to schools, hospitals, a library, a few family farms, and have two Targets within miles of us! We're 20 minutes away from downtown, about 3.5 hours from the beach, and about 2 hours away from the mountains.

This Is Our Why

My (Alex) maternal grandmother was adopted as a child, so adoption has always been a 'normal' part of my family. I've always had a desire to adopt at some point and was so thankful that when I met Stephen and mentioned this to him, he was instantly on board. We envisioned our family being a mixture of biological and adopted children. After trying for a while and not getting pregnant, we found out in 2017 that both of my fallopian tubes are blocked - so the only way for me to possibly carry a child is through in vitro. After going through all of the emotions that come with hearing that news, Stephen and I had some honest conversations about how we wanted to spend our time, money, and resources moving forward. Since we already knew that we wanted to adopt, we felt like hearing this information moved adoption front and center, and it became clear that this was the route we were going to pursue to grow our family.