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Alex & Stephen

Hoping to Adopt (North Carolina)


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Alex and Kellie

Brother and Sister-In-Law

When we found out Stephen and Alex were deciding to pursue adoption our hearts were overjoyed for them. Adoption has been heavy on my heart for quite some time and I have been so blessed to get to watch this journey unfold for them. I have no doubt the they will be wonderful parents. No doubt that their child will grow up in a home where they know they are loved and understand their worth. No doubt that they will do everything in their power to give their child every opportunity but also to teach them the value of hard work. No doubt that their child will be nurtured- physically, mentally and most importantly spiritually. There is no doubt their child will be deeply, selflessly loved, as my husband and I have had the privilege and blessing of having them love our own sweet daughter long before she was earth side. But more importantly, Stephen and Alex understand the sacrifice and magnitude of what is being entrusted to them by the birth mother. They understand that they will go home arms full, and she will not. They will rock that sweet babe to sleep, and she will not. Adoption is not possible without a great sacrifice and so they enter this chapter of parenthood sorrowful, yet rejoicing. You will not find another pair of parents more humbled and thankful for the sacrifice being made here. As they enter into this season of answered prayers and fulfilled promises, they do so with gratitude, humility, and thankfulness no words could ever express.

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Close friend

Stephen & Alex are two loving spouses plus two adorable cats. They are going to make incredible parents to a very special someone one day. They have a large loving extended family, plus many friends who will love and support their new addition.

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Andrew & Dorin

Awesome friends

Reese's peanut butter cups, Wendy's french fries dipped in a frosty, these are a combination of items that make something great. That is what Alex and Stephen are personified. These 2 are the best combination of people we have ever met and have the up most honor of having in our lives. There is no doubt in our minds that they will provide the most loving and wholesome environment for any child. That child will become part of that amazing combination, something better than creamy peanuts in a chocolate cup or fries dipped in frozen milk, they will be a family.

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Alex's Aunt

Hi, my name is Georgia and I am Alex's aunt. I consider Alex my 3rd daughter and the best cousin ever to my 2 girls. Alex has always set a great example and taken my two under her wing. We always joke when the 3 of them are together you can't get a word in, but Stephen is great at making a place for himself in the little group. Stephen and Alex are the most loving and grounded young couple I know and they are going to create an amazing family together.

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Stephen’s Stepmom

I have known Stephen since he was 4 years old. He is smart, kind, and patient. He is fiercely loyal to his friends, family and students. Alex is upbeat, energetic and creative. They are a great team, approaching life with good humor and a strong commitment to each other. They will be fantastic parents and have me and the rest of the extended family that are eager and willing to provide love and support as their family grows.

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I have known Alex and Stephen for 8 years as we became instant sisters through the marriage of Alex’s mom and my father in law. Through that marriage, I was able to get to know Alex and Stephen in more depth and witness firsthand their character and the values that are important to them. Alex and Stephen have a great relationship with my sons. They are the “fun” aunt and uncle that everyone wants but not everyone is blessed to have. They are compassionate and intentional with the love they show my children. They celebrate each milestone my children have as if they were their own. Alex and Stephen have been very intentional in their journey with adoption and the opportunity to grow their family. Their ability to be open-minded, empathetic, supportive, and flexible in their relationships with others is what solidifies to me that they will make amazing parents one day. Their marriage is built with a strong foundation on love, trust, and commitment. Alex and Stephen lead by example by putting the needs of others first and I know their children will be blessed to have amazing Godly parents. I have no doubt in my mind that Alex and Stephen are able to provide a stable and loving, Christian based home that will allow a child to not only experience the love of Christ, but also the love of a family who chose him/her.