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Amanda & Wyatt

Hoping to Adopt (Texas)


Decorating pumpkins. We sometimes carve and sometimes paint.
Corny mug memes
We LOVE Christmas! Now we have our house, we plan to upgrade our tree.
Shrimp and crab leg boil
Wyatt loves rock music and can’t wait to introduce the legends to our little one.
Wyatt LOVES Halloween! We decorated the new house.
We love getting together with our extended families for Thanksgiving!
We love our ice cream dates. We have a mom and pop ice cream shop nearby and enjoy trying new flavors.
Wyatt is a Hufflepuff. He values friendships and has never met a stranger .
Amanda is a Gryffindor. Hermione would have been her BFF
We love going to the beach!
We love going to the beach!
We love game night! Scrabble is Amanda’s favorite!
We watch Big Bang Theory on repeat every night.
Swimming in Wyatt’s parents’ backyard pool.
We are huge Harry Potter nerds. I have read all the books and Wyatt is finally working through the books after falling in love with the movies.
Grilling out in the backyard with friends and their kiddos.
We love to sit outside on our patio while drinking a cup of coffee and listening to music. As you can tell from our mugs we’re big nerds!
We love going to old school arcades and challenging each other to get the highest scores.