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Amanda & Wyatt

Hoping to Adopt (Texas)


Happy socially distanced Thanksgiving!

This year Thanksgiving looks VERY different from our normal Thanksgiving. Usually we switch off years between our parents’ houses and have a huge family get together with aunts, uncles and lots and lots of cousins. After seeing the numbers of positive cases rising in our state, we made the tough decision to forego our normal plans with family to play it safe at home with just us and the cats. We wanted to maintain some of our favorite traditions and dishes for Thanksgiving. Last night we baked my dad’s pecan pie along with a pumpkin pie and then today we made all our favorites including Wyatt’s mom’s honey cinnamon carrots and my mom’s cornbread stuffing/dressing.  Our meal was a success and we are thoroughly stuffed. We may have missed all of our loved ones, we made our own memories. 

Happy Halloween!

Last night we had so many neighbors stop by with their little ones trick or treating. We set up a table with candy and toys that we packed into grab and go goodie bags. Kiddos were so excited to do something remotely normal even if it meant wearing masks and using hand sanitizer. We saw some pretty cool costumes and met many people from different parts of the neighborhood. As the night wore on, we moved inside to feast on our annual pumpkin face pepperoni pizza and watched fun Halloween movies.

October tradition

We just love fall time and all the activities that this time of year brings with it. Last week we picked out our pumpkins and while exploring all the possible carvings we could use we came across the painting set that fit our Halloween decoration theme perfectly. We decided to have a date night in and spent our evening last night painting our pumpkins. Wyatt got a little frustrated that the paint wasn’t cooperating the way we would like it to. In his defense, the paint that was included was not the best quality, but we made due with what we had. The pumpkins turned out better than we thought and we now have matching pumpkins on the porch.  We have a few last minute props to set up before trick or treaters come Saturday but treat bags are made and ready for a socially distanced night. 

There’s a little musician in all of us

Last week we were able to get Wyatt’s piano from storage. This piano belonged to Wyatt’s grandmother and several cousins had their very first piano lessons on those keys sitting next to Nana as she guided their hands in the proper position. While Wyatt never was much of a piano player, his love and talent for music made it a simple choice for her to pass the family piano onto him. He can dabble a short tune here and there on the piano and he excels on the guitar and trumpet. With the addition to the piano in our home, Wyatt looks forward to relearning how to play.   I am quite excited as I never had a piano and always wanted to learn. I played violin in school and was in choir. In college I took a music appreciation class that helped me understand how to read music more in-depth and how that relates to the piano. I am excited to start learning. I have a new music book in my Amazon cart and plan to start learning on my own once we get the piano tuned later this week.  As you can see in the picture above even the kitties are excited about the music. In our free time Wyatt will bring out one of his guitars or I will bust out singing so music is such an important part of our family that even the cats are excited about the new ‘toy.’  We hope to instill a love and appreciation of music in our home as we know that it has great benefits in creativity and brain development in young minds. Hopefully our children will ask us to take music lessons whether it’s on the piano, guitar or any other musical instrument or even voice lessons. 

Sometimes you just need to stop and recharge

Last weekend we took a trip up to Oklahoma to relax and reconnect with one another. We picked out a well known camping area and stayed in a cabin. The sights were breathtaking. While we didn’t go fishing, we did manage to go on a few morning hikes and hung around our cabin relaxing. We even lit the fire pit and made hot dogs and s’mores! We definitely want to go back and create new memories with our little one.

Back to school...sort of

With August in full swing, I am back in school mode, but my back to school looks very different this year. Usually I spend the last part of July hitting the back to  school sales stocking up on supplies for my classroom and then as August begins, Wyatt meets me up at school after he gets off of work to do my heavy lifting and climbing up on ladders to hang posters and anything else I need. This year there were no long Target receipts or mad frenzy to change the bulletin boards Or hang new decor. Instead every room in the house serves as part of my classroom. I usually meet with my students while sitting at the kitchen table and when I’m not actively on video with them, I move from room to room giving myself a change of scenery. My two “teaching assistants “ have differing methods. Diamond has waited until my meeting begins to climb on top of me and cry that she needs to go outside for an adventure while Edward will take up his post nearby on a chair or at my feet and watch me work. When I get up, he likes to explore my space. Once I got up to let Diamond out and he entertained the class by swatting at the screen. I’m sure these two furry assistants are showing me what it will be like when a little human requires my attention while I work from home. It truly has been a blessing to be able to work from home during the pandemic. While it has been less than ideal to adjust to online learning the way that we have, I have taken it with as much optimism as possible. While Wyatt still leaves home to go to work, we have been able to utilize even more family time with the flexibility my new schedule gives me. Just today we had a delicious lunch together in between classes. While I look forward to the day I am back on campus I am enjoying the time I have with Wyatt and our two teaching assistants. Pictured above is Edward taking care of my lesson plans for the week. :)

Another addition to the bookshelf

Today we got up bright and early to complete everything on our to do list before it got too hot outside. We ventured to the farmers’ market where we picked up some fresh granola and fruits for the week before heading to breakfast. After breakfast we headed to the bookstore for some birthday presents. While wandering through the children’s section, Wyatt came across this book and insisted that we bring it home. He remembers reading this book over and over again at bedtime growing up and it is one of his favorites. We both strongly believe in instilling a love of reading at a very young age and have been steadily adding to our library every time we go to the bookstore. We can not wait until we get to share all of our favorite stories at story time.

Summertime =pool time

When the sun gets hot, we love to spend our free time in the pool. While we do not have a pool at our house, Wyatt’s parents have a beautiful summer paradise in their backyard. Our family loves to get together to swim and then grill out. This weekend we had a wonderful picnic of hamburgers and hot dogs poolside while we swam and played pool basketball. It was an extra special day because Wyatt’s brother was able to come to town and brought his son to have some family time. Even ‘Pop Pop’ (Wyatt’s dad) enjoyed some time in the pool even though he prefers to stay in the shade. The water was just so refreshing! We can’t wait to return next weekend!


Wyatt has been painting the baby room all day making touch ups. This is our first try at room painting and are quite impressed with the outcome.  We chose a cool/warm gray named network gray that would be light and welcoming for the little one.  All of our parent friends recommend a calming color for the bedroom to help them sleep well at night and at nap times so that it's not too overstimulating.  Once the paint drys, we intend to move everything back into place and then start organizing books, clothes and decor.

Unpacking and decorating the nursery

Saturday we spent the day putting up window treatments and setting up the big furniture in the nursery. When we began the adoption process, we discussed what themes we would like to incorporate in the nursery. Usually when we have to make a decision we each have to come up with a list and then negotiate our way to a choice but the decision for a Harry Potter nursery was unanimous. We have picked out some wall decorations and think we may paint the room too. Check out the nursery photo album to see how we add to the room.