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Amanda & Wyatt

Hoping to Adopt (Texas)


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Wyatt’s mother

My husband Richard, and I are so blessed to be Wyatt's parents. We've know Amanda for 10 years now, and think of her not as our daughter-in-law but as our daughter. Both Wyatt and Amanda are wonderful, loving and giving people. They are devoted to their family, church, friends and the charity organizations that they belong to. Wyatt loves working to support his family and Amanda thrives in her work as a teacher. She goes above and beyond for her all students. Even before they were married, they had a plan for the family they would one day have together. They had hoped to have both biological and adopted children from the very beginning. It's God's plan for them to receive their children through adoption and they have prayed for this from day one.  They will be such amazing parents! They recently bought their first home as they wanted to be able to bring their baby into it's forever home. The first room unpacked and set up was the nursery and it's beautiful and ready. They will provide such a loving and healthy home. They have a wonderful, and large, support system from both sides of their families, all of whom are praying and eagerly waiting to love a child. We're all so thankful for God's guidance in their adoption journey.  We, Mimi and Pop, can't wait to meet and welcome our newest family member.

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I have known Wyatt for 24 years and have known Mandey for about 9 years. They are AWESOME people! I built my own family through adoption about eight years ago and Wyatt and Mandey have been there to see what it's all about since before day 1. They have so so so much love to give and I have no doubt they will provide an amazing, loving, healthy home for your baby. They have an amazing support system of family close by and countless friends all around who will also surround your baby with love (and spoil them with lots of really fun toys and books)!!! If you want to go to bed each night knowing your child is safe, loved, healthy and happy, then Wyatt and Mandey are your people!

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Sarah F

Sister in law

I am Amanda's sister and law and have known Amanda for 15 years. She is not only my sister, but one of my closest friends. Amanda and Wyatt have been praying for a little one to complete their family for years. They are the only ones we trust to watch our two children, N and J, for date nights or for weekend trips because we know that they are safe, well taken care of and loved. They will provide a wonderful loving home, and already have their nursery ready for the little one they are awaiting. Wyatt and Amanda will make amazing parents and have a tremendous support system on both sides of the family and we all cannot wait until they are able to finally complete their family.