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Amy & Matt

Hoping to Adopt (Maryland)


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Matt and Amy are an extraordinary couple whose love for one another is marked by patience, care, commitment, humor, respect and strength. Throughout our friendship, they have continued to demonstrate these same qualities in relationship with others. We are continually in awe of their ability to navigate challenges and to care for one another in doing so. As we envision their life with a child, we have no doubt they will offer a loving, thriving environment. We know the thought and intentionality that has shaped their decision to be parents and cannot wait time watch them start a family.

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I've known Matt and Amy for about 10 years now. Through all of the ups and downs life has brought them, one thing has remained constant and that's their love and respect for each other and support they show their family and friends. Matt and Amy are two of the strongest individuals I know. It's hard not to admire their strength and look to them as role models. Between Amy's optimistic, loving, and energetic personality and Matt's strong, supportive, and calming demeanor there's no doubt in my mind they'll make amazing parents.

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I am Matt's aunt, so I have known him his entire life, and know him to be a warm, loving individual. Once he met Amy, another caring, special individual, they started their journey together and I just knew they were a match made in heaven; really an amazing couple. They are both smart and considerate and have an incredible sense of family. I have not only seen them spend time with my own children, but have watched them be around so many other little ones and I see that they would make wonderful parents. I would like to express my support of Amy and Matt as prospective parents as I truly know how much they have to offer a child and will always make that child feel safe, happy and above all, loved.

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Best Friends

This letter is to wholeheartedly recommend my best friend, Amy, and her husband, Matt as adoptive parents. I have known Amy for about 17 years as we met in college. I met Matt 10 years ago when they started dating. Even though we are not related they are my best friends and the most genuine people that you ever want to meet. Amy and Matt are very intelligent, loving, supportive, and very successful individuals. They are also financially secure, with holding a high level job as a cost analyst and technical writer for the government. Amy and Matt are full of love and laughter. They always have a smile on their face no matter what the circumstance. They are very positive people always wanting to help others. They are both upbeat optimistic people. They lead active lifestyles because health is so important to them. No couple I know deserves to be parent as much as these two. They are loving, patient, attentive, and thoroughly committed to one another. They support each other more than anyone that I know. They are by each other’s side every step of the way. Please know if Amy and Matt are picked to adopt a baby, not only will they treasure this precious gift, the child will be in the best hands they could be in with so much love and devotion.

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Close friends

Matt and Amy have been friends with our family since childhood. Aunt Amy and Uncle Matt are so close with our children and are so loving, thoughtful and kind. They are so excited to start their own family and have such a wonderful support system who will love and adore a new addition to the family.