Ashley & Ryan

Hoping to Adopt (Texas)


Playing in the Snow
We got a lot of snow and Ryan decided to play in the snow in the Ranger. The kids were buckled in and had helmets for this.
Ashley & Ryan
We hope you enjoy this video and that it gives a peak into our lives and our adoption journey.
Making a Bike Ramp for the Kids
Early in quarantine, we got bicycles for each of us and Mitchell (Marjorie already had one from her birthday) and would go on lots of rides on the trails. Ryan and I also found a trail that has some ramps for fun on it that just he and I would ride on. He loved it so much, he built himself a ramp for at home, and the kids thought it was awesome. However, it was too big for them. So he created this smaller ramp that they could ride on and learn on for bigger ramps when they are older.
Dance Party
Our kids love Disney movies and we also really love listening to music in our house. Pretty much every day, we are playing music on our Amazon Echo during a meal or just for fun. Before bed the other night, our son Mitchell asked to play "You're Welcome" from the movie Moana sung by the character Maui who is played by Dwayne Johnson. Maui is one of his favorite cartoon characters and he loves this song. So I turned it on right before bed and these are the dance moves he came up with. We got a lot of laughs from it and some great memories.
Quick tour of our home
Here is a quick tour of our home so you can see where we live and get a better idea of our home life. Thank you for taking the time to watch our video and learn more about us.
Ryan running next to Marjorie
Once Marjorie got the hang of balancing herself, we would run next to her to help her take off and stop until she learned how to do those on her own too.
Teaching Marjorie how to Ride a bike
Over the weekend, our 4.5 year old daughter decided she wanted to try and ride her bicycle without training wheels. So we took advantage of the beautiful weather and our time at home to spend a morning teaching her how to ride her bike and running next to her until she felt comfortable enough to ride on her own.
Fighting off the Dragons while staying home during Coronavirus
We are trying to get creative while we are staying home and social distancing during the coronavirus outbreak. Our kids are really into dragons right now, especially Mitchell, so we played a game of "get the dragons" to have some family fun.
Valentine's Morning with our Kiddos
Here is a video of our kids opening gifts from us on the morning of Valentine's Day. Our daughter's favorite things are Disney princesses, especially Elsa from Frozen, and playing dress up. Our son loves trains, tractors, and trucks. So we got them little gifts of their favorite things for them to play with.
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