Elissa & Richard

Hoping to Adopt (Texas)


Meet Elissa

Elissa is funny, smart, thoughtful and caring. She has a passion for community volunteering and giving. Elissa also works in technology leading teams, and she works with her teams to ensure work is interesting and fun. Elissa enjoys cooking, gardening, and entertaining others at our home (we both like this!). She likes to watch old sitcoms and comedies. For reading, Elissa likes poetry and history books, but she is also a fan of epic series like Harry Potter. Elissa enjoys walks and yoga. She is also usually the planner, finding some new event or activity for Elissa and Richard to try together.

Meet Richard

Richard is patient, fun, and generous. He is always happy to lend a hand to family, neighbors, and friends. Richard works in technology leading teams, and he makes time to make sure his teams feel supported and included. For fun, he likes working on home projects, building legos, grilling, and college football. Richard loves to watch sci-fi tv shows and movies, and he reads. He also enjoys snow skiing and running. Richard is always up for all the new adventures Elissa finds for them to try.

Our Families

Elissa’s family lives in the country. Her parents, brother, and stepbrother all live in the same area, so visiting them always gives us a good opportunity to be together as a group. The kids and adults either swim or play with the dogs; then, we all enjoy a big meal together. Richard’s parents and brother live farther away, but we meet in the middle at their home in the country frequently. He has a big extended family of cousins and aunts that we see whenever we can. They love playing board games, solving puzzles and times together are always full of laughter.

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