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Jannette & Tom

Hoping to Adopt (Texas)


Riding bikes in our neighborhood is a favorite family activity. Recently, Katie learned to ride without training wheels. You can see how proud she is!
After 2 years of obsessing over the musical Hamilton, we were over the moon to see it on stage in Chicago. We were not disappointed!
On of Jannette and Katie's favorite holiday traditions is a visit to the city to see The Nutcracker! This year, Jannette's mom joined the tradition!
In 2019, Jannette's parents made a huge move from California to Texas! They are very involved in our lives and we love it!
Tom has a passion for smoking meat and Katie loves to help. In pandemic times, Tom delivers yummy meat to his ER colleagues to boost morale.
Nothing can beat the friendship between a girl and her dog! Chase is Katie's constant companion. He's a great listener and cuddler!
We are HUGE Star Wars fans so the highlight of our first trip to Disney World was immersing ourselves in everything Star Wars. Chewy is the best!
During our very first trip to Disney World, we found out Katie is a daredevil on rides!
Our family is most complete with we are able to spend time with Kayla, Tom's adult daughter. She and Katie have a sweet relationship.
Tom is a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan and after living in Chicago Jannette is a big fan too! Katie may be a Texan but she is a Cubs fan by birthright.
When we're at the lake, relaxation and family time are our priorities. Evenings by the fire are our favorite way to enjoy both!
Katie's last birthday party was spend at the lake with family and friends. Mommy made her a special 'outdoor' cake!
We like to refer to our backyard as our favorite from in the house. We spend as much family time as possible enjoying the warm Texas weather.
We call Katie the frog whisperer. Every summer she collects and cares for frogs in our backyard. Here she is with THREE frogs on a recent warm night!
Corny dogs at the Texas State Fair, a family tradition.
Halloween is a big deal in our house!
Katie is a nurturing soul and loves carefully caring for her dolls. Every Christmas, Santa brings matching PJs for Katie and her dollies.
Recently, we purchased rocking chairs for the front porch. Katie rides her bike, Chase relaxes and Mom & Dad enjoy the sunset.
Katie loves animals and has recently been visiting our neighbor's horse, Colby, every day. He comes running to say hello whenever she approaches!