Laurice & Jarrett

Hoping to Adopt (Texas)


Our Promise

We want you to know that we are praying for you, as you and your child possibly join our family. As parents, we will encourage our child to reach their potential and purse their dreams. We know that a child in our home will feel the love and desires to accomplish anything. We will meet each child on their level so they can bloom into their own unique individual. We will cherish the dirty diapers, partake in fort building, and laugh at family game nights. We will choose to raise our family in our Christian faith. We look forward to doing the everyday things with our child, but especially look forward to going on a family road trips through California, to our favorite mountain town, Ruidoso, and exploring in Disney World. Thank you for the opportunity to know us a little bit better.


We feel traditions are some of our best memories in our relationship and childhood. We want a child to look back on their childhood and remember all the wonderful memories and traditions. During the Christmas season, we always watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas with hot chocolate (Jarrett) and hot tea (Laurice) with a roaring fire. We buy all our Christmas gifts on Black Friday, so that we can enjoy the Christmas season without stress. On Christmas Eve, we eat Green Chili Chicken Enchiladas with Santa’s favorite cookie after our Christmas Eve service at church. In the Summertime, we spend at least a week in the mountain town, Ruidoso, at Laurice’s grandparents’ vacation home. We love to go explore, hike, relax, and enjoy all things mountain life. When at home, we try to go on a family walk every evening to talk about our day, and hope to have a kid in a stroller or walking beside us. We also cook as a family, complete with dogs waiting for us to drop any food, that we consider a nightly tradition of our family. On holidays, we can often be found having lunch with Laurice’s family, and dinner at Jarrett’s parents’ house. With our child, we hope to establish the tradition of going to the zoo, taking a family vacation every year, and volunteering in the community. When our child is school age, we will attend every school event or performance they have. We can look forward to making more traditions in our family. If your child joins our family, we hope we can incorporate some of your family traditions into our lives to honor you.


We love to try anything once. On a Saturday, we can be found working on a home project, being outdoors, and getting lost in an adventure. We love to travel, whether it be just across town, across the state, or on the other side of the world. Some of our favorite trips include ziplining on our honeymoon in Cozumel, assisting with baseball camp in England, camping in Canton, skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling in Colorado and wizarding in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. During hockey season, you can find us cheering on the Dallas Stars, unless they are playing against the Nashville Predators, which is Laurice’s favorite. We go to any zoo that we may encounter, and especially love visiting the giraffe and otter exhibits. We live by our family motto of ‘celebrating sunset to sunset’ by doing everything with a smile and enjoying life to the fullest. We live without fear, because we know that God already knows what our life will look like.

Our Home

We live on a cul-de-sac street with lots of children waiting for another playmate. Our home sits near the end of the street with only a few homes and cars. In the spring, we have lots of blooming flowers. Our favorite plant is our budding Little Gem Magnolia tree in the backyard. We love sitting outside at the patio table or Adirondack bench that Jarrett built for Laurice. In the winter, you will find us roasting marshmallow in our fire pit. Jarrett likes his golden brown, while Laurice likes her marshmallows blackened and crispy. We have discovered that we love painting our home in different shades of blue as our living room wall, laundry room, and nursery are all blue/teal colors. Our favorite upgrade we made to our house is our headboard we built on Valentines Day of 2016. We also loved decorating our nursery with all things bright and installing the alphabet wall. We bought all the letters in Canton while camping. Jarrett’s favorite home decoration is a giant 6 ft wreath that hangs above our garage at Christmas. Laurice’s favorite home decoration would be her front door wreath collection that she made to match each holiday or smiling yard pumpkin that adorns the yard in the fall. Our neighborhood has a local pool complete with a mushroom fountain and alligator float, many different parks, and lots of exciting family events. Some of our favorites include the 4th of July Firework display, Halloween Trick-or-Treating, and walking on our local trails.

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