Megan & Calen

Hoping to Adopt (Texas)


Our Hobbies

We both love to travel, and we can't wait to show the world to a child! Our most recent trip was a family trip to Paris and the Loire Valley with Calen's parents. Megan loves history, so she was in heaven with all of the castles, museums, monuments and culture. Before a trip, we like to listen watch YouTube videos and listen to podcasts to learn all about a place.

Our Home

We live in a 3-bedroom, 2-bath ranch-style home tucked in a charming neighborhood of a big but friendly Texas city. From the moment we saw the house, we were charmed by the cozy vibes, tall oak trees and window-filled sunroom overlooking the backyard gazebo, where we love to lounge on nice days and talk. The yard is Calen’s happy place. He enjoys gardening on weekends, while Megan is content to watch from inside, where she’s decorated the house with souvenirs from our travels. The open floor plan means there’s plenty of room to host friends and family and for a kid to play. Our warm and welcoming community is located close to everything — including family and friends. Megan's aunt, uncle and cousins live less than a mile away, and we have close friends whose house is just a few streets away. Plus, both sets of our parents live within about a 30-minute drive. We love that our community is diverse and welcoming; there’s a great mix of people of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds. There's a strong sense of community, with a historical society, garden club and huge annual Halloween block party (we can't wait to take a child some day!). Lots of families call our neighborhood home thanks to the spacious yards, nearby parks and proximity to great schools.

Our Story

I often joke that Calen moved to Texas to find me, and he doesn’t disagree! He’d only been in town three weeks when we met at the office holiday party (we work at a university). Both of us were on-theme wearing ugly Christmas sweaters. What stood out immediately was how easy it was to talk to each other. Things just flowed. After many dates and many great conversations, Calen surprised me with a proposal in the mall (it’s more romantic than it sounds; hopefully we can tell you the full story one day). We got married in the chapel on campus almost three years to the day we met. Afterward, we celebrated with a travel-themed reception in an historic train depot, complete with a cheese tower instead of a cake and a huge dance party with friends and family. And the rest, as they say, is history.

About Calen (By Megan)

The world needs more Calens. He's truly my favorite person! Calen is the definition of dependable, always there to lend a hand or an ear for those in need. When things seem chaotic, Calen is calm and consistent. His genuineness puts people at ease and he makes friends wherever he goes. Originally from rural Michigan, Calen still has a sense of midwestern earnestness that’s just plain charming. I love the way he sees the world and the goodness in every person. Calen's kindness, patience and zest for life will make him an amazing father. Plus, he’s already perfected the art of the dad joke!

About Megan (By Calen)

Meg (that's what I call her) is passionate about the causes, ideas and people she believes in. She's the most determined, dedicated person I’ve ever met. She inspires me in the way that she knows exactly what she wants and knows how to make it happen. I’m always blown away by her depth and exuberance. She is loving, fair-minded and brilliant. I just know that her personality and spunk will shine as a mother, and she will also help instill those strengths in a child.

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