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Taryn & Michael

Hoping to Adopt (Texas)


Our weenie dogs are a big fave in our lives!
Getting out in nature is a must for us!
Skiing at Angel Fire, or anywhere, really, is a winter tradition!
We are beach fanatics, and jet skiing in Destin is one of the top activities on our fun list!
Family vacations! Just got done feeding the alligators at Fudpuckers in Destin, FL.
Of course we’re fans of all Texas Football! Our nephew Kasseus was pumped to finally get on the field!
We enjoy getting out and being active. Michael during our first bike ride of 2020! :)
Donuts! Especially with our nephew Atticus! Family and food (two of our favorites!)
Fiestas! We love parties with the family! Gotta love when you’re turning 18 and surrounded by your embarrassing relatives, LOL!
Cooking good food is a fun and relaxing experience for us. Man, Michael outdid himself with the stuffed poblanos!
We like to test our puzzle skills. A 1,000 piece puzzle and it was no joke!
Playing games with the family is always a good time! Taryn likes to think she is a master detective when it comes to Clue.
We love how Christmas lights add such a joy to the holiday season. We join the festivities by decking out our home!
Taryn loves helping with 2nd Grade Sunday School! Making the ten plagues of Egypt a little sweeter to learn!
All holidays bring lots of fun, and making treats just adds to the goodness!
Naps...who doesn't love them?!?
We're a fan of any concert, but this was a once-in-a-lifetime show at Metallica! Taryn's not a huge fan of them, but this one was for Michael!
Sunbathing! We like to start getting some sun ASAP in the summertime, just like Daisy Duke, Max and Little Bitty!
Sleepovers with the nieces and nephews! These are definitely some of our most treasured moments in life.
Watching the nieces and nephews play sports! These two, Bubba (Kasseus) and Bubby (Atticus) make quite a pair shooting hoops!