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Taryn & Michael

Hoping to Adopt (Texas)


On the Road Again?!

We absolutely love to travel, and we can’t wait to share all of our travel experiences with a little one!  With 2020 being such a strange year so far, we are still hoping we can make a few summer trips!  We really want to make it to Utah to enjoy the hiking, biking, and swimming at all of the national parks.  A Utah trip seems reasonable this year with all the COVID restrictions since we’d be outside most of the time instead of around a lot of tourist sites.  And, we would love a trip to Destin, but we’ll see?!  We’ll of course make some road trips to see the family, and those are always a blast!  This picture is from our trip last summer to Maui.  On this particular afternoon, we hiked (yes, even in a dress) to a blow hole and the heart rock.  We had a luau that same night in the same area, so two birds with one stone (hence the dress).  Hawai’i was an amazing trip, and we would recommend Maui to anyone!  A week, though, was not long enough to see it all, so we can’t wait to make it back.  And, we are hoping we have a little one on the return trip!  We obviously had to fly to Maui, but we do greatly enjoy our road trips.  A road trip anywhere at this point is welcome, and we are pumped to hit the road soon!  We’ll keep up our travels, and when God’s timing is right, we’ll be ready to bring our little one along for the fun!  

Excited to add two little “human” feet to our family!

We are definitely no strangers to adoption!  Meet our “Little Bitty” girl we adopted about two and half years ago!  We adopted her as well as her companion, sweet Max.  In total, we have adopted three dachshunds during our marriage.  Plus, we were foster parents to various dogs.  We are no longer fostering dogs because we have 4 sweet dachshund babies of our own, now.  We’ve loved every minute with these spunky and delightful weenies, but we are ready to adopt a precious human baby this time with two little feet instead of four!  All the love we’ve given to our dachshunds, you can trust we have so much more love to give a child.  On another adoption note, we also tried the route of embryo adoption prior to Traditional domestic adoption.  This is where couples who have completed their family through IVF still have frozen embryos remaining.  Instead of destroying these precious embryos, families will adopt them out to a family like ours.  We were not able to achieve a successful pregnancy with the embryos we adopted, but everything works out in God’s timing!   Our hearts have been set on adoption for awhile, it has just taken on different forms in our life.  Adoption was meant for us, and we will do our best to provide a loving, joyful, healthy, and stable life for any child entrusted to our care!

Superman Was Adopted, too!

We absolutely love this quote!  It’s a reminder that adoption is both a powerful and magical journey!  From the great love and selflessness that a birth mom displays, to the amazing gift that only she can give us or another family, adoption is truly a magical journey!  We are excited to one day share this quote with our precious and magical Gift from God!  Whether they are Superwoman or Superman, our child and their birth parents will always be like Super Heroes to us!  

Hayden's 8th Grade Graduation

Even though we couldn't see it in person, thank God for Facebook Live!  We got to watch Hayden's entire 8th grade graduation, and he even got to say his chosen quote on camera ;).  This guy made all A's, and he has such a huge heart!  We know he will continue to do great things on into his High School career!  Hayden is one of our nephews, and the son of Michael's sister, Brandy.  Time has gone too fast, but we can't wait to see what Hayden's future holds! 

Synghyn's Graduation

On Friday, May 22nd, we celebrated our nephew, Synghyn's graduation!  We are so proud of the man he has become, and we can't wait to see what the future holds for him!  He was 5th in his class and is college-bound!  He is smart, caring, and might we say...handsome :)!  Synghyn is the oldest son of Taryn's oldest sister, April.  Taryn remembers the day he was born and waiting in the hospital to get a glimpse of her very first nephew!  Funny thing, on that precious December day, Taryn was actually wearing the sweatshirt of the college he would end up choosing to go to one day.    Synghyn's birthday just happened to land on Taryn's Momma's birthday, December 30th!  First grandson, and he landed on her birthday!  My how time flies.  In the last 18 years, Synghyn has been such a blessing!  Synghyn is definitely one of our pride and joys...same as all of our other nieces and nephews!  His graduation is such a wonderful milestone, and we are so thankful we could at least watch it on Facebook Live since only (4) people could attend.  Afterwards, though, we had a graduation party and celebrated together with him as a family!  We love him and know he is an amazing person!  Check out our photos to see everyone in the graduation party!

This is us!

It’s great to meet you!  We are Michael, Taryn, and from left: Max, Little Bitty, Teddi Bear, and Daisy Duke.  We live in Texas and we love our family!  Our daily life may seem like nothing extraordinary, but it is paradise to us!  Don’t get us wrong, we have to work hard.  But, we try to soak up and enjoy the little moments in life because they make the biggest memories.  We work together as CPAs, and we spend our evenings with these four rambunctious little weenie dogs.  Weekends are spent a lot of times with family, or we are trying to find something to do outdoors.  We like to eat good food, soak in our hot tub, and hang out with each other.  This is us!