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Taryn & Michael

Hoping to Adopt (Texas)


Wrestling fun with Uncle Michael
Our niece, Scoutlynn, said “it’s always fun with Uncle Michael.” Pretty sure this wrestling video is proof that Michael is the life of the party when it comes to the nieces and nephews! The wrestling turned into an all-out jumping party!
Taryn & Michael
Here is a video about our family and our adoption journey. We hope you enjoy!
A Message for Uncle Michael
These sweet kiddos love their Uncle Michael!
Friendly Visitors
At a family ski trip to Angel Fire, we had a few friendly visitors! This is our nephew Karch spreading the love by feeding them.
Michael and Atticus share a popsicle!
We bought the nieces and nephews these “GIANT” otter pops! Atticus wanted to share his with Michael. Both of their mouths were freezing before they could finish it, so it became a game...survival of the fittest!
The weenies love them some cheese!
Michael playing with the weenies' emotions...this plate was ridiculously full of cheese for the poblanos! And, believe me, it did not go unnoticed by the weenies!
Just call him "Em"
Michael is a cooking machine when the feeling strikes! Just call him "Em." Short for Emeril
Dreaming of a White Christmas
Since there was no snow this Christmas, we bought some!
Slippin' & Slidin' in Destin, FL
On our family vacation to Destin, we rented a pontoon with slides! What a blast! Bubba (our middle nephew from Taryn's sister Mercedes) counts us down...we just weren't good listeners!
More Slippin' & Slidin' in Destin
Uncle Michael was a favorite to catch kiddos on their way down the slide! This video includes Karch floating around on Shamu, Mercedes (Taryn's sister) coming down the slide with her oldest, Scoutlynn.
Happy 65th!
Taryn's Mom's 65th birthday celebration! Momma was such a good sport with the hat and sparklers! And you know the grandkids loved every minute of it!
Kasseus' Big HIt
Our nephew Kasseus..a.k.a. Bubba...loves all things sports! Check out one of his big hits!
Surf's Up!
In Clearwater, FL, we decided to try our hand at indoor surfing...little did we know how much it hurts!