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Tracie & Jeff

Hoping to Adopt (Texas)


Just Another Adventure...

Hope you are enjoying these hot summer days!  Jeff and Conner decided to have a "guys trip" and took a few days to explore Broken Bow, OK to beat the Texas heat.  Jeff really enjoys hiking and being outside and is excited about sharing his passion with Conner.  They enjoyed hiking, campfires, s'mores, ice cream, train rides, dinosaurs, and the playground of course.  It was a quick trip but they had a lot of fun.  We have officially dropped the hiking boots for flip-flops because life is better by the pool.  Conner has continued his swimming lessons and can swim the width of our pool by himself and dive for rings at the bottom of the pool (with a little help).  Our only pool rule is that you are not allowed to do anything that starts with "Hey y'all, watch this!"  

Conner is Four-ocious!

Stomp, Chomp, and Roar!  Connersaurus is turning FOUR!!  Happy Birthday Conner!!  In June, Conner started his birthday with a chocolate covered donut with sprinkles - his favorite.  Jeff got up very early to start smoking the ribs and then he grilled hamburgers and hot dogs for the birthday party.  Conner's Godmother made black bean tartlets (so good) and chocolate chip cookies.  Then I tried to make Conner a dinosaur cake that included a volcano - Conner's request!  Thank goodness for Google so I could "borrow" other people's ideas on how to make a volcano on a cake (rice krispie treats BTW).  We hosted a small birthday pool party for Conner that included a two neighborhood friends, Grams & Popo, his nanny and Godmother.  Conner had a great time and spent a lot of time going between the pool and the sprinkler that we set up in the yard.  It was a bit windy, so Conner's birthday candles kept going out while we sang "Happy Birthday," but Jeff managed to get them lit so Conner could blow out his four candles that were on top of the volcano.  He loved all of his gifts and he went to bed a very happy four year old.  Hope everyone is being safe out there!  Take care, Tracie.

Birthday Cake Calories Don't Count...

Happy Birthday Jeff!!  Last weekend we celebrated Jeff's birthday.  It started off Friday afternoon with a small cul-de-sac social distancing gathering with close friends.  Since we have been sheltering in place, it was really nice to see our friends and celebrate Jeff's birthday with carrot cake AND a bundt cake.  One thing you should know about Jeff is that he LOVES cake.  Then on Saturday, Jeff and Conner spent the afternoon in the pool while I made eggplant lasagna from scratch.  I'm not going to lie, it's a lot of work, but it's so good.  I also made German Chocolate Whoopie Pies.  I actually had never made them before, but one of Jeff's favorite kind of cakes is German Chocolate so I thought it was worth a shot.  They turned out really good, but they were so rich.  We ended the evening by the fire pit, listening to music, and looking at the sky.  On Sunday, which was Jeff's actual birthday, he made breakfast.  He is our designated breakfast maker in the family, so even though it was his birthday, he made breakfast.  We went for a long walk, that included a walk into a nature preserve by our house and chatting with some of our neighbors.  After Conner's swimming lessons, we enjoyed hamburgers, black bean and corn salad (but I eat it like a dip - it's super addicting) and cucumber salad with our good friends and neighbors.  We brought the Birthday cake to share with our friends and when it came time to sing Happy Birthday to Jeff, Conner insisted on singing by himself.  When Conner got to "Happy Birthday dear Daddy" he said "Conner" instead of "Daddy."  That got some laughs for sure.  Conner had to help Daddy blow out his candles and hand out the cake.  Such a good little helper.  We ended the evening with Jeff opening his presents at home, that included a new A&M beach towel, beach chairs, and swim trunks.  See a theme here?  Summer is officially here!  Enjoy it!  Tracie.