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Amanda & James

Hoping to Adopt (Texas)



Our child will grow up in a home knowing about their adoption in age appropriate ways. You will always be our child's mother and we will raise him or her to know you in that way. It is comforting knowing we have the support of our family and friends. We will make sure that our child knows the love and support of their parents and family. We will describe you to your child with admiration and respect because of the choice that you are making. You will receive updates and pictures of your child as long as you desire, while we will respect your privacy and boundaries. We will always celebrate your amazing gift.

Our Home

We live in a great historic neighborhood in the cultural center of our city with tree lined streets and plenty of side walks. Our home is warm, inviting, and filled with natural light. The nursery has a window facing the east with a tree allowing tranquil filtered light to enter the room as the sun rises. We are only blocks away from the elementary school and neighborhood park. We are also just a short walk from the nearby children's museum and a few miles from the zoo. We have sweet neighbors with lots of young children in a safe environment. There are always children playing at the nearby park and families walking and biking on our street.


We believe that part of what makes a relationship strong is communication. We enjoy talking with each other while going on long walks or bicycle rides. We discuss our days with each other as we prepare dinner together and then we sit down at our dinning room table together and enjoy family time. We think communication is important in growing as a family and helps us in working together as a team to accomplish goals as a family. We look forward to family dinners with our child and learning about their day. During the summer months we enjoy spending time with our families and cycling. Sometimes we will go on bike rides and afterwards enjoy a picnic lunch together. We also enjoy standup paddle boarding and kayaking. Some off our favorite travel spots are great for enjoying these summer water activities.

Our Dog

Skipper is an old Basset hound that we rescued from the shelter. He loves to take long naps during the day and a short walk after dinner. His favorite time of day is sunrise so that he can wake us up. He is well known throughout our neighborhood.