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Elizabeth & Pat

Hoping to Adopt (Oregon)


Quarantine Project!

I needed a big project and after months of quarantine I also just wanted to update the space I was spending a LOT of time in... so I decided to paint the house by myself! Took about 2 weeks but I'm so happy with how it turned out.  Next up is the yard :-)

How's our dog with kids?

I'd say she's pretty good!  She's very patient, doesn't mind kids sitting on her (clearly!), pulling her tail or stepping on her feet... she's sooooo good with kids!  This is one of our friends kids who was meeting Jola for the first time!

A very muddy hike

We definitely timed this hike wrong... it happened to pour the entire time we were driving to the trailhead... but by the time we got there we thought "whatever, we're already here!" So we hiked, and got rained but we had fun and Jola loves hiking regardless!  This was a short 5 mile hike that is just 10 miles from our house!

Celebrating 5 years

For our 5 year anniversary, we went back to the place we got married, a winery / vineyard here in Oregon.  The first 5 years of our marriage involved lots of traveling and lots of moving... we are currently on our 3rd house in 5 years.  Luckily, we love our neighborhood and the friends we've made here and don't see us moving anytime soon!  Can't wait to see what the next 5 years bring! (And in case you're wondering... Pat is a Cowboys fan and I'm a Packers fan!)

Too cute not to share

I mean... look how adorable that is!  

Summer trips

Unfortunately all plans for the summer were shot after Covid... but we did get the opportunity to go visit my parents in Wisconsin for a few days.  Pat, my dad, and my brother-in-law played golf every single day... my golf stamina is about 9 holes a few times a summer. When I was a kid my parents put my in 4-holers golf lessons... the only thing I remember was catching frogs and driving with a putter! 

Fun Fact #7

While Pat cooks most of our meals, we also love going out to eat once in a while as well as ordering pizza.  Pizza is our absolute favorite food... it's actually what we served at our wedding!

Got a question for us... Just ask!

If you hit the "contact" button under our names above, it comes straight to us! If you have any questions about anything on our profile, or something you didn't see but you're curious about, or want to get to know us, feel free to reach out!  We promise to answer your questions or concerns as quickly and honestly as possible! -Elizabeth and Pat

4th of July

While this year was definitely different, we still got to celebrate and watch some fireworks in the neighborhood. The picture is what our neighborhood usually does... pre-covid! Epic parade and contest for the kids.  

Friday Feels!