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How to adopt a baby in the U.S.

Adopting a baby in the U.S. places infants of all races into the arms of loving families.

Gladney's Domestic Infant Program offers:

  •   Flexibility in the adoption process
  •   Assistance in developing a family profile
  •   Guidance from experienced staff
  •   Experienced and respected legal staff
  •   Membership in a parent support group
  •   Parenting education

Couples interested in adopting through Gladney’s Domestic Infant Program must meet the following guidelines:

  •   Married for a minimum of two years
  •   Openness to the characteristics of children available
  •   Live in the United States
  •   One parent must be a U.S. citizen

Medically fragile


Every year in the U.S., medically fragile infants are born every day.



Adoptive parents who have already located a birth mother to utilize the outstanding Gladney services.