International adoption: How to adopt a child from another country

International adoption is a big adventure. It can give you a very unique opportunity to open your doors, home, and heart to a child who does not live in the United States. Children that are adopted internationally can enrich the lives of their adoptive parents and families and can even help strengthen that family’s connection to foreign customs and cultures.

Hauge Accreditation

The Gladney Center serves as a leader in intercountry (district) adoption and has proudly become one of the first agencies accredited in the United States as a Hague-compliant adoption agency. So what is the Hague Convention? The Hague Convention helps to protect children and their families from the risk of unregulated adoptions abroad. It seeks to ensure that intercountry (or district) adoptions are created and made in the best interests of children. Additionally, the Hague Convention also protects against unlawful, inhumane, and unethical adoption practices. Adopting a child internationally can be a very enriching and exciting experience. It can give families the wonderful opportunity of learning foreign customs and culture and the ability to assist in humanitarian aid efforts as well.

Adopting internationally includes the following advantages:

  •   Adopting through a closed adoption system
  •   Adopt within a specific time
  •   Choose the gender and age of the child
  •   Adopt later in life
  •   Choose from a particular culture or country
  •   Help provide humanitarian aid

The Gladney Center for Adoption is here to help children not only in the United States, but in foreign lands as well. We will remain unwavering in our commitment to help create bright futures for children and families through adoption. In order to do this, we need families who can help secure these futures for the children who are referred to Gladney’s International Adoption Programs.

The Gladney Center for Adoption has created several international adoption programs. These programs can provide adoptive families with an opportunity to design their own adoption:

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