Would you like a relationship with your child after adoption?

The open adoption video and guide were created by birth moms to help expectant mothers navigate their open adoption journey. These free resources can help you learn about open adoption and how to have a stronger relationship with your child after adoption.

Birth Parents Benefits

Benefits of open adoption for birth parents

  •   Feel more in control through the adoption process
  •   Stronger relationships with your child and the adoptive parents
  •   Choose a family you love to adopt your child
  •   More peace of mind knowing your child is safe, healthy and loved
  •   More support in dealing with feelings after adoption
  •   Child often has more positive feelings towards birth mother
  •   More satisfied with the adoption process
  •   ​Better able to process grief after adoption
Birth Parents Benefits

Benefits of open adoption for birth parents

  •   More connection with and positive feelings towards birth family
  •   More completeness, belonging and secure identity
  •   Fewer feelings of abandonment
  •   Larger support network, knowing he or she is loved by both families
  •   More understanding of the reasons for adoption
  •   Higher self-esteem
  •   Access to family medical information
  •   ​More connection to his or her cultural and ethnic background and ancestry
  •   ​First-hand answers that would otherwise be unavailable in a closed adoption
  •   ​More satisfied with their adoption

Open adoption has many benefits for all involved. It is estimated only 5 percent of adoptions today are closed, which means 95 percent of current adoptions involve some openness. At the Gladney Center for Adoption, all potential expectant parents can choose adoptive parents they love for their child, get to know the adoptive parents before adoption, and decide whether or not they want a relationship with their baby and the adoptive parents after adoption.

Adoption resources one

Exclusive Video

Watch exclusive video content of birth moms telling their stories and answering questions about open adoption.

Adoption resources two

Digital Guide

Download a free digital guide about open adoption written by a birth mom.

Adoption resources three

Open Adoption Specialist

Speak with an open adoption specialist and make an open adoption plan that works for you.

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