A lot goes into the adoption process. While ensuring the safety of the child or children in question, many people and processes are involved, such as lawyers for both birth and adoptive parents, counselors, local and federal background checks, medical fees for birth parents, court costs, living expenses for birth mothers, post-placement counseling, medical examinations, and training for hopeful adoptive parents. What does adoption cost? Why does adoption cost so much?

Adoption cost will also vary greatly depending on the type of adoption you are pursuing. If you choose international adoption, you will be on the path of one of the most expensive routes to adopt. This is because there is more bureaucracy involved, since you must work with an agency in the country you are trying to adopt from. You will also be traveling more than someone adopting in their home state.

Foster-to-adoption or the adoption of a child with special needs is virtually a free option. Many of the fees that come with adopting a child with special needs or from foster care will be reimbursed by the state or can be reimbursed by using the adoption tax credit. Not all options to adopt have to be expensive.

You are never purchasing a child. Instead, you are paying for all the services and fees that go into adoption. There are ways to lessen the costs, like applying for grants. Many potential adoptive parents start saving for adoption immediately. You may also consider fundraising or getting a loan to help pay for your adoption. There are many options available to help make adoption an affordable way to grow your family.