Placing A Baby for Adoption in Idaho

When faced with an unplanned pregnancy, you have choices to make. When the decision is adoption, Idaho has several options for you.

1. Build a strong support team. 

Family members and close friends can offer advice and emotional comfort. Finding an agency with counselors available can also be beneficial in your plan. Local adoption agencies can offer these services. There are also online agencies such as The Gladney Center for Adoption which help in facilitating adoption services throughout the United States.  

2. Decide what kind of adoption you want for your child. 

Open adoption allows you to continue to be in the child’s life depending on an agreement with the adoptive parents. Semi-open adoption offers similar benefits but on a smaller scale. Closed adoption relinquishes any and all rights to the child until the child is 18 years of age. Idaho agencies and attorneys can provide assistance in all areas of adoption. 

3. Financial support is available to those considering adoption.

An unplanned pregnancy can cause financial stress for expectant parents who are already juggling so much. If you need financial assistance, your adoption agency can help you in finding a plan that works for you. In Idaho, hopeful adoptive parents are able to help in assisting with some of the costs associated with the pregnancy and adoption. Speak with your adoption professionals before accepting or offering financial aid throughout your pregnancy. 

4. Choose an adoption professional. 

Idaho offers adoption placement through private attorney adoption, adoption through the State Health and Welfare program, multiple agencies, and use of adoption facilitators. 

Adopting in Idaho

Choosing to add to your family through adoption can be both a joyful and stressful time in your life. Along with having support from family members, a strong team of community leaders and friends can be beneficial when considering adoption. Idaho has several opportunities for those seeking to adopt a child. An adoptive parent must be at least 25 years of age or at least 15 years older than the child being adopted. The following are some of the requirements needed in the state of Idaho.

1. Complete a home study with a licensed agency. 

This will include medical history, information regarding personal finances, living conditions, and background profiles of family members living in the home. A criminal background check will also be completed as well as a notation of any mental health issues or child abuse concerns. An interview will take place to ensure the stability and accuracy of the adoptive parent(s) profile.

2. Choose which type of adoption you are interested in. 

There are many routes to adoption: domestic infant, international, foster, and kinship are some of those options. An agency counselor can help provide you with information concerning the different types of adoption. 

3. Create a Parent Profile 

You will be asked to provide a profile for the expectant mother to preview. This will give her a look into your personal life as far as hobbies, religious beliefs, interests, and discipline plans. Family photos are always helpful.

4. Consider Foster Care.

Idaho does provide a registry and exchange list with children available for adoption through the foster care program. If you choose to adopt a foster child there will be monthly follow-up visits for 6 months to ensure the safety of the child and assess any needs there may be for either the child or adoptive parents.

Adoption is a beautiful experience and can provide everlasting happiness for all members of the adoption triad. Idaho is a great state to raise a family.

Surrounded by the Rocky Mountains, Idaho is considered a wonderland for outdoor adventurists. The Boise River, the Snake River, and the St. Joe River flow throughout the state offering fishing, white water rafting, and scenic drives. Farms are a frequent sight along the country roads producing beets, potatoes, corn, and other fruits and vegetables. Although Idaho is known as the Potato state, its official name is the Gem State. Over 72 different precious and semi-precious gemstones have been found in Idaho including the rare star garnet. Another activity families enjoy is huckleberry picking in the mountains. Campgrounds are abundant throughout the state. Many sites offer hot springs, snowmobiling, and ATV trails to be enjoyed year-round.

The largest city in Idaho is Boise. It is also the Capital of Idaho. Museums, parks, and gardens line the streets of Boise and most of its surrounding nearby small towns.  Idaho is one of the fastest-growing states bringing opportunities to both large and small businesses. Education and healthcare are #29 and #24, respectively, in the nation. Idaho is ranked #5 in overall state rankings according to

Cindy Hill has seen all sides of the adoption triad throughout her life. At the age of 9, she watched as her sister placed her baby for adoption. She married her high school sweetheart who had two adopted siblings and later adopted two of their six children. Adoption is a blessing in her life. Cindy and her husband recently sold their home of 26 years and became empty nesters. They currently live in a destination trailer on their oldest daughter’s property along with their two dogs and a small herd of cattle. Cindy’s hobbies include going to garage sales, decorating, teaching piano lessons, spending time with grandchildren, and writing. She is a Teacher’s Aide in the Science department of a charter school.  She and her husband also enjoy traveling together. Writing gives Cindy a chance to reflect on life and look at it from other points of view as well.