Maybe you’ve considered the idea of adoption, but the idea of a baby is just too overwhelming. Maybe you are older and don’t think you’d like to raise a baby from infancy, but you would still like to parent. Maybe you’ve heard about the foster care crisis and wondered if you could help. Or maybe you’re just curious about all of your options as a potential adoptive parent. Well, you’re in the right place. It turns out, if you’re wondering if there are foster children available for adoption, the answer is pretty straightforward. Yes. 

The goal of foster care is to temporarily remove children from a dangerous living situation so their parents can get the help they need to improve that living situation. The first goal is always reunification. Unfortunately, while the goal is for the child to return home, sometimes, because of generational dysfunction, lack of resources, and other insurmountable issues, a child cannot return home. Sometimes, thankfully, family members, unlike those who caused the removal, can take the children in. Other times there are close friends, described in the documentation as “fictive kin,” who can take over parenting. Often, if a child is in foster care with a foster family for a long time, the foster family has the option to adopt if the child becomes available for adoption. 

However, if none of those situations work out, there are still children in need of a loving home. Those are the foster children available for adoption. The ones that fall through the cracks due to no fault of their own. They are often older children, eight years old and up. Sometimes there are younger children part of a sibling group that CPS is trying to keep together. Often there is a degree of special needs that a child might have that makes them harder to place. For instance, a child may need to be the youngest or only child because of their need for one-on-one attention. Whatever the reason, there are children who need a home. Hopefully, you’re one of the people who would like to consider adopting them; if you are asking, “Are there foster children available for adoption?” 

I know from personal experience that there are so many kids in foster care that want an adoptive family to love them forever. All five of my kids are adopted from foster care. The last two we adopted had been in six different foster homes before ours. They were only 2 and 4 the first time we met. They are easily the cutest children I know (though I may be biased), and though we have had to work through some trauma-related issues, they fit right in with our crazy crew. They are a huge blessing to our family, and I can’t imagine them not being ours. 

Don’t let the idea of an older kid scare you into thinking you’ll miss out on firsts, either. Even with my oldest, who came to us at 9 years old, we have so many firsts. The first time he rode his bike, tied his shoes, read a chapter book, and the first time he wrote his name. (Clearly, this is not the norm for most 9-year-old kids, but you get the idea, anyway.) A really neat thing about older kids is they can often tell you what is wrong instead of simply screaming until you get it right. Not that they always do tell us, but they are more able than an infant. There are so many fun things you can jump right into with an older kid that you have to wait years to do with a baby. Road trips are so much easier with big kids than when my youngest was in the toddler/preschool years. We can share jokes and games, go for longer hikes, camping trips, and car rides. We don’t have to worry if we left a pacifier at home or didn’t pack enough bottles. There are a lot of benefits to completely skipping the diaper and potty training phase. In fact, my husband was the most excited about adopting older kids because he didn’t want to mess with diapers—jokes on him since we did end up adopting an infant as part of a sibling group. 

At a church I once attended, a pastor said it was easier to ignore a problem when it was a number but harder to ignore if the numbers had a face. For that reason, there are photo listings. They aren’t a full or entirely accurate picture of the child but sometimes, just seeing a kid who needs a home sparks something in a person that makes them want to know more.

Foster Children Available for Adoption

Let me introduce you to some foster children who are available for adoption



This lovely girl is Carla, and she is 11 years old. 

Her profile says she is polite and kind with great manners. She loves nature and wants to visit Colorado. She likes swimming, riding her bike, and playing soccer. She likes to listen to music and paint. She wants to be part of a family where she can share her love. She wants to be with a family who is active and likes to be outdoors. Her family needs to be able to take time to do one-on-one activities with her.  She would like to maintain a connection with her older brothers, who are not part of this adoption. If that last part makes you feel a little weird, know that can mean phone calls, facetime, letters, or email. There are so many ways to keep in touch now that didn’t exist even 20 years ago. Don’t be afraid of sharing love. 

If you’d like to learn more about Carla and how to contact the caseworker about adding her to your family, go here


Meet Martin!

This sweet boy is 7 years old. He is part of a large sibling group who would like to be adopted together. His siblings Mya (12), Alinah (11), Jenissa (10), Andrea (9), and Matthew (6) are ready to find their forever family. They are all individuals, but one thing they have in common is they really want to be adopted together.  

Because of the size of the sibling group, it may be difficult for the children to be placed together, but it is important that siblings be kept together if they can be. Therefore do not make an inquiry unless you are ready and willing to adopt not just Martin but some or all of his brothers and sisters.  

This case is tricky because there are six children involved, and CPS tends to limit the number of children in a house to six, so parents who already have children at home will most likely not be considered. While exceptions can be made, the likelihood is fairly small because of the recent court cases against Texas CPS. 

To find out more about Martin and his siblings, go here


This little guy is Zaine. He is 7 years old. He enjoys silly games and being outside. His profile says, “I find a consistent routine helpful when learning new skills and maintaining my behaviors. I love listening to classical music to calm the atmosphere when transitioning to the next activity. To feel safe and secure, I will always need my forever family nearby.” To find out more, go here



This is Beaux. He is 11 years old and has one sibling that he would like to be adopted with his twin brother, Britain. Twins, you guys! Aren’t they sweet-looking? Their profile says they struggle with communication. However, sometimes with therapies, this can be overcome. Either way, they need parents to love them. 

Beaux’s profile says the following:

 Beaux and Britain are both very loving boys who are full of life and show an overwhelming kindness towards animals and children who are younger than them. Although their verbal communication skills are limited, this does not [limit] their bond with each other. Beaux and Britain enjoy laughing and playing with each other. Beaux is always willing and eager to be by Britain’s side, experiencing all the new things that they are learning and exploring as young children. They love to be read to, play with blocks or Legos, and play outside. Beaux is able to understand what is being asked of him more than Britain. Beaux is always willing to try to help Britain if he does not understand. Beaux loves to make others laugh and enjoys making his brother laugh, too. Both boys are extremely curious [about] their environment and love to explore everything around them. Together these brothers have an extraordinary amount of love for each other.


Next up, this beautiful young woman who needs a family to help her launch into adulthood.

 Desiree is 17 years old. 


Here is an excerpt from Desiree’s profile

Desiree is a wonderful girl with a vivacious and outgoing personality. She is a natural leader and vocal about her desires. She loves to play sports, such as track or soccer. Desiree really loves to dance, sing, and watch movies. She enjoys receiving praise and encouragement from her foster family. She has been striving to make healthier food choices and participate in more physical activity. Desiree enjoys eating fruits and vegetables. Desiree reported the thing she is most proud of is having been able to keep her grades up and play sports. She plans to participate in track and is in a dual credit program. 

Desiree has a younger sister she hopes can be adopted with her. Could you be their new mom or dad? 

Be aware that while these children (and so many more) are listed as available, sometimes the caseworkers know the child really well and can tell you won’t be a good fit. I have been thankful for the caseworkers who could look at our home study and tell us we were probably not the right family for a kid. It is better for me to be hurt than for them to suffer because I don’t know what I’m getting into. 

Those children are a very small sample of the over 1,000 children in need of a forever family. Aren’t they adorable? They look just like “normal kids,” right? That’s because they are. They are normal kids with normal needs who happen to also need a family to love them forever. They may have special needs that should be considered, but there is no guarantee of “normal” with any child. (None of my children are normal, which is perfect because neither are my spouse or myself. Life would be boring if we were all the same!)   Also, understand that the profiles are the “highlight reel” of their lives and not their every day. Some kids may seem one way in a profile but end up being slightly different in real life. 

Are you interested? Did you know you can attend an information meeting or receive an information packet with absolutely no obligation to continue the process?  Would you like to learn more? Just fill out a form and get access to all kinds of information from people who know the facts. 

I’d encourage you to reach out and get information about foster care adoption. These are kids that have, in some cases, been waiting for years to have a forever family. They don’t need perfection. They don’t need wealth or prestige, they need available and loving. They need parents who will love them where they are and encourage them to continue in their growth. 

There is so much I could say that has already been better said, so I’ll suggest you also read this excellent article about foster care adoption. 

Also, make sure you check out the foster parent forum on There are seasoned families who can sometimes answer your questions more quickly and accurately than an overworked caseworker. 

Do you feel there is a hole in your heart that can only be filled by a child? We’ve helped complete 32,000+ adoptions. We would love to help you through your adoption journey. Visit or call 1-800-ADOPT-98.

Christina Gochnauer is a foster and adoptive mom of 5. She has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Letourneau University. She currently resides in Texas with her husband of 16 years, her children ages 3, 3.5, 4.5, 11, and 12, and her three dogs. She is passionate about using her voice to speak out for children from “hard places” in her church and community.