What Are the Best Adoption Agencies in Ohio?

June 12, 2020
What Are the Best Adoption Agencies in Ohio?

Are you an expectant or birth parent looking to place your child for adoption in Ohio? Here, I’ll list 10 of the best adoption agencies in Ohio, the services that each adoption agency provides, and why these options are most likely the best for expectant and birth parents to work with. Don’t hesitate on asking these questions before choosing an agency. So, what are the best adoption agencies in Ohio? 

Adoption By Gentle Care

Since 1985, Adoption By Gentle Care has been helping pregnant women with the adoption process and has provided services to expectant parents that are considering adoption. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, this agency has highly skilled Adoption Assessors, who will travel to your location in Ohio and talk with you about every aspect of the adoption process. What else makes Adoption By Gentle Care so great?

-The agency has a section on the website for pregnant women, with all kinds of resources and shows you the benefits of choosing adoption. 

-The agency has a 24-hour support hotline: You can call or text (614)-469-0007.

-Adoption By Gentle Care will let you choose the adoptive family. 

-The agency will pay up to $3,000 of your living expenses that include rent, utilities, food, car payment, and phone.

-All of your medical expenses during your pregnancy and the adoption will be covered.

-You’ll receive counseling services. 

-You can choose to receive pictures and letters from the adoptive family after the adoption. 

-The agency has resources for birth parents.

If Adoption By Gentle Care is the agency you’d like to work with, you can call 1-800-824-9633, email info@adoptgentlecare.com, or go to the contact section

Choosing Hope Adoptions

Choosing Hope Adoptions was created to help children of unplanned pregnancies to find an adoptive family. The agency is a leading ethical adoption in Ohio and is a full-service, non-profit agency that serves the entire state. Choosing Hope strives to be there for both expectant parents, adoptive parents, and the child equally and will serve all members of the adoption triad with honor, and building a lasting relationship infused with hope. The agency even has a pregnant and birth parent section. What else makes this agency so great?

-You’ll receive confidentially and support.

-You get to choose the adoptive family.

-You’ll receive $3,000 for living expenses.

-The agency has free services provided for you. 

-The agency will let you choose the adoption plan. 

-You’ll receive counseling services.

If Choosing Hope Adoptions is the agency you’d like to work with, you can call (937)-471-2954, email info@choosinghopeadoptions.com, or go to the contact section.

Caring for Kids Inc.

Since 1995, Caring for Kids Inc. believes that every child, regardless of race, gender, nationality, or special needs, deserves to have a family. The agency is a non-profit, private adoption, foster, and birth parent service agency. The mission is to give children of all ages the security and safety of a stable and loving family. The agency prides itself on its experience and compassion, which makes it stand out from other agencies. The website also has a section for expectant parents. What else makes this agency great?

-The agency offers 24/7 free and confidential support by either a phone call, text, or email. 

-You won’t feel pressured on choosing adoption. 

-Financial assistance is available for your pregnancy-related expenses such as food, rent, gas, clothing, and utilities.

-Services are free; counseling and legal fees are the adoptive parent’s responsibility.

The agency has a lifelong birth mother support service that includes several opportunities like birth mother retreats, pizza meetups, and online support. 

If Caring for Kids Inc is the agency you’d like to work with you can call (800)-254-1725, email info@cfkadopt.org, or go to the contact section on their website. 

Open Arms Adoption

Open Arms Adoption is a non-profit and private agency that was founded on the belief that every child deserves a family. The agency is committed to treating every client as an individual, and each member of the agency is grateful for the differences and experiences that each birth mother and family brings. Its committed and passionate staff understands that everybody’s adoption journey is different, and social workers help you make the best adoption for you and your family. The pregnancy section has parent questions, answers questions about adoption, and lets you view the waiting families. What else makes this agency so great? 

It offers free and confidential services. 

-There’s no obligation to choose adoption. 

-The agency provides honest, supportive, and respectful counseling services.

-There is help available with getting medical care. 

-You’ll receive financial assistance with rent, food, and utilities.

-The agency will help you feel safe, and help take care of other children in your care. 

-You’ll get to choose the adoptive family for your baby.

-The agency will help you with meeting the adoptive parents if you’d like. 

-The agency will help you with keeping in contact with your child. 

If Open Arms Adoption is the agency you’d like to work with, you can call (330)-697-4751.

Spirit of Faith Adoptions

Spirit of Faith Adoptions is a non-profit adoption agency in Ohio that provides support for pregnant women. The agency is committed to helping birth parents and will guide you through the steps of adoption. There’s a pregnancy section that provides many helpful resources. What else makes this agency so great?

-The agency has a retreat for birth mothers.

-The agency has counseling services. 

-You can join birth parent support groups.

-You’ll receive one on one care and support, even after the pregnancy.

-You’ll be assigned to a birth parent coordinator that will help you understand the adoption placing process, help provide transportation to doctor appointments, will be there to introduce you to the adoptive parents, and be there with you at the hospital. 

If Spirit of Faith Adoptions is the agency you’d like to work with, you can call (866)-414-3021, or go to the contact section.

Adoption Link

Adoption Link is a licensed agency in the state of Ohio, that’s dedicated to working with birth parents before and after adoption. This agency is a leader in open adoption and advocates for the many benefits that an open adoption provides for all members of the adoption triad. There’s a section on the website for birth parents, where you can learn more about the adoption placing process, ask questions, and you can read stories from other birth mothers. What else makes Adoption Link a great agency?

Services are free. 

-You can call or text (937)-974-1357 at any time. 

-You’ll receive counseling and confidentiality with assistance with your choices and goals

-You’ll get free help with legal services. 

-The agency will assist you with medical care, transportation, and getting insurance coverage. 

-You’ll get help with your pregnancy and living expenses.

-The agency will support your decision on wanting to parent or place your child for adoption.

-The agency has a huge and diverse selection of adoptive families to choose from.

-You can meet as many adoptive families as you’d like. 

-You can learn about the birth father’s rights and can receive counseling about dealing with a father who doesn’t agree with adoption.

-You’ll have the assurance that your child will be well cared for.

-The agency will make sure that your child will always know about you. 

If Adoption Link is the agency you’d like to work with, you can call (800)-643-3356, or go to the contact section.

Little Bit of Heaven Adoption

For over 14 years, Little Bit of Heaven Adoption has helped birth parents have more of a choice when placing children for adoption. While working at a licensed agency in Ohio, Betty Graham Smith learned about the other side of adoption that the adoptive parents don’t see. She became inspired to help birth mothers, so she started the agency in the laundry room of her own home. The agency’s mission statement is to provide services to help clients throughout life and strives to help children get placed into loving and secure adoptive families. 

Adoption Professionals LLC

Founded in 2004, Adoption Professionals’ goal is to educate the community to admire and respect you as the birth parents and will facilitate the adoption plan that you create. In 2006, the agency won the Angel of Adoption Award in the recognition of its work with birth parents. So what makes this agency great with working with birth parents?

The agency offers a birth mother scholarship. The scholarship is given by the Adoption Professionals Scholarship Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation and is only available to birth mothers who voluntarily placed her child for adoption.

-There’s a birth mother support group called GEMS, which stands for Giving Each Mother Support. 

-You can connect with other birth mothers. 

-You can create your own adoption plan.

-You get to choose the adoptive family.

-You get to interview the adoptive family.

-You’ll receive free counseling before and after birth.

-You get to choose to have an open, semi-open, or closed adoption.

-You’ll get treated with respect and dignity.

-You’ll receive free counseling with social workers that hold Master’s degrees.

-You’ll receive $3,000 for your living expenses. 

If Adoption Professionals LLC is the agency you’d like to work with, you can call (513)-321-2229, text (513)-478-2229, or email APadopt@gmail.com.

Adoption Circle

Founded on the heart-felt belief of all children having the right to deserving a loving, secure, and nurturing home, Adoption Circle is a private, non-profit Ohio based agency. This agency has been a leader in earnestly working to preserve the rights of birth parents and children to provide legal and emotionally healthy adoptions. There’s a pregnancy section on the website that lists the path of adoption, adoptive family selections, birth parent FAQ, and more. What else makes this agency great?

-You’ll have access to 24/7 support and counseling. 

-The adoption professionals will come to you so you don’t have to travel.

-The agency will make every effort to meet your requests for open adoption. 

-All your medical expenses that aren’t covered by your health insurance will be paid by the adoptive parents after placement.

-The agency will help you find a doctor that will provide you and your baby with quality care. 

-You’ll get transportation to prenatal appointments.

-Legal fees will be paid by the adoptive parents.

-You’ll get help with housing during your pregnancy.

-You’ll get help with living expenses.

-You can speak with an attorney about your legal rights in adoption. 

-You won’t be required to appear in court.

-Counseling is available through the agency’s professional social workers.

-Maternity clothes will be available for you upon request. 

-You can go to single mother support groups.

-You’ll have access to childcare programs. 

-You can be eligible for food pantries. 

-You can choose how to select an adoptive family.

If Adoption Circle is the agency you’d like to work with, you can call (800)-927-7222, text (614)-398-2367, email info@adoptioncircle.org, or go to the contact section.

Adoption Star

Located in Cincinnati Ohio, Adoption Star, which stands for Support, Training, Advocacy, and Resources, is a compassionate and unique organization providing adoption services to a diverse set of clients including those of the LGBTQIA+ community. The agency values counseling and support, equality, and doesn’t disclude based on age, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, religion, ethnic background, color, gender expression, or gender identity. Its vision is to offer all kinds of support for all birth and adoptive families. The agency will continue to advance and expand its services and will continue to educate and counsel others on adoption. There’s even a pregnancy section for expectant and birth parents filled with knowledgeable information on the adoption process. What else makes this agency so great? 

-Services are free to you. 

-You’ll get assistance with living expenses.

-You’ll get help with medical bills.

-You’ll receive support before and after the adoption placement.

-You’ll get to go to support groups, social gatherings, and mentoring programs.

-You’ll receive the education on adoption, and guidance if you need help with your decision. 

-The adoption professionals will advocate for you. 

-You’ll have access to many resources. 

If Adoption Star is the agency you’d like to work with, you can call (513)-631-3990, or go to the contact section.

I hope that this article answered your question, “What Are The Best Adoption Agencies in Ohio?”

For more information on adoption agencies in Ohio, check out this article. If you’re wondering how to find out you’ve chosen a great agency, read this article. Read about the Ohio Adoption Laws. Also, read up on these 3 key factors before choosing an agency.

Kandice Confer is an adopted twin, wife, and mother of two girls who loves spending time with her family and two rabbits. She loves reading and writing inspirational works of literature and loves telling stories.


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