Adoption searches have never been easier. The internet has made access to records and connections to others, not only possible but almost instantaneous. In the world of adoption, this changes everything. Birth parents, adoptees, and even extended family can search for their loved ones, which they might never otherwise connect. While adoption record search websites are becoming more popular, they are not all created equal. It is vital to find an adoption record search that is thorough, secure, and user-friendly.

The Reunion Registry at is a compilation of records submitted by many different members of the adoption triad and their families. People can submit data such as birth date, birthplace, gender, names, among other info.  By registering this information, it becomes possible for anyone visiting the website to search for it, allowing people to find those who registered it. The hope is to connect those affected by adoption with their loved ones.

  The Reunion Registry boasts 440,193 adoption reunion profiles to date. is the most used adoption website, making the chances higher for families to come together. It would also be the first place to register information in the event the person you might look for begins their search. With so many profiles, would be a common sense destination for those seeking an adoption reunion.

  Once at the registry website, it is possible to search for specific parameters such as a name or date. One can also browse the hundreds of thousands of registry records by birth year, state, name, country, or agency. Some may find this a bit more helpful if unsure of the exact date or think some of the information may be incorrect. If one is lucky enough to find a match, then one can contact the person who posted the data as an attempt at contact and hopefully, a reunion. If one does not find a match, then the person can choose to post all of the information in hopes that one day, that person one is looking for, will come searching the registry and find the information. Regardless of the process, the Reunion Registry at is a great starting place for a free adoption records search!

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