The best thing that you can give as a present to children who have had the rug pulled out from under them is a symbol that you will be a part of their forever.

For me, it was a rock. It was a silver rock with dark grey swirls in it. The word was etched out in gold letters, “Forever.” That one word meant the world. Out of all the things that could have been left for me that day, it was the one thing that my soul needed.

I spent years tossed from one place to the next but in search for a place that would hold hearts that could love me forever. When I came to my family, there was so much fear of when that old unstable rug would be pulled. When would the next unfortunate happening strip me of the one thing I wanted most a place to belong, a place to be loved, and a place to love.

One day, when I arrived home, there was a turquoise envelope taped to the door. The words from your family with a big heart were designed across the envelope. The package was bulky, and I had no idea what it was. The gift was so unexpected, yet when I opened it my heart skipped several beats. My whole body froze, and only one word passed through my mind: “Forever.” I walked inside my door, I sat down, and I cried. I knew my family really meant it. Before the fears could have their voice, I placed the rock in the palm of my hand, I pulled it up to my heart, and I just simply whispered, “God, I am going to trust this, please don’t break my heart.”

For the next few weeks, I would pull out that Forever rock, and I would think on the precious present that my family gave me. It was a gift that was more precious than anything. Even now, on days when I feel alone, or I begin to forget I am a part of something special, that I belong, and that I am loved. I pull out that forever rock, and I hold it tight in my hand, bring it close to my heart, and I whisper those words, “God, I trust this.”

As Christmas quickly approaches us, and you may be wondering what is the best present to get my newly adopted child. I can tell you the most precious gift you can give, is a symbol that you are there for him or her for the long run. It will mean so much more than a toy that will come and go with the tide. A symbol of “Forever,” will be etched in your child’s heart his or her whole life long.

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Jacqueline Turner is a worldwide sensation. She is a graduate of William Jessup University and is currently finishing her master’s degree in leadership at Western Seminary. She has worked with foster, adopted, and homeless youth helping to restore their lives. She has been featured worldwide on radio shows, podcasts, news stations, and in a film called My One Christmas Wish which tells her own story of fighting to have a family. Jacqueline has a passion for teaching people to come close enough to see the story behind the scenes.