The cost of adoption can seem quite harrowing to many. An incredible amount of work goes into an adoption to ensure that all the legalities are addressed and the child is placed in a safe and secure home. Many ways exist to afford the cost of adoption and keep it from creating an incredible amount of debt you can’t repay.


A number of adoption grants from various organizations can provide assistance you do not need to repay. A simple internet search will provide a listing of such organizations. It’s important to also search reviews of these organizations to verify their legitimacy. While these organizations help with some of the cost, they don’t usually cover all adoption expenses and may not help until the adoption process is well under way.

Adoption Loans

Loans are a very popular avenue to take on the journey to afford adoption. Many organizations specialize in adoption loans and provide low-interest options. You can also apply for a personal loan through their bank preference. Researching the best interest rates and repayment terms will help you find the best budget-friendly options if you take this route.


Many people take advantage of crowdfunding as a way to fund their adoptions. This can be a great choice if you have a large family-and-friend support group who agree to help you. Take note that some judges, agencies, and the general public can look down on this method for various reasons. Be sure to check with your adoption agency and/or attorney before using this method.

Using any of these methods will require a bit of a lifestyle change. Budgeting is key in affording to adopt. Taking steps such as canceling gym memberships you don’t use or could put on hold; unsubscribing from certain streaming platforms, such as Netflix; canceling cable and keeping only Netflix; or getting a second job can greatly help in the quest to afford adoption.

Written by Lita Jordan