There are many ways to help offset the cost of adoption. These ways typically fall into three categories: grants, fundraising, and loans. Each category has its own pros and cons that come with it along with various requirements. The cost of your adoption, the type of adoption, how much money you need to raise, and the type of support system you have in your community will determine which type of route to take. You may find that all of these ways are good options or possibly only one option for your specific needs.


Adoption grants are a great way to find some money for your adoption that you are not required to pay back. Grants are typically given from charitable organizations that have their varying requirements to qualify for the grant. Grants are not guaranteed, but rather applicants submit the required information and hope to be chosen to receive the grant. Grants can vary in amount and time which they are available. You can read more about adoption grants at this link.


If you search for “adoption fundraising ideas,” you will find an incredible amount of ideas to help fundraise for your adoption. Some people hold dinners or auctions while others sell items such as t-shirts. There are countless ways to fundraise for your adoption with some simple creative thinking! The other way people fundraise for their adoption is through crowdfunding sites such as Youcaring or GoFundMe. This type of fundraising if often popular because it costs the hopeful adoptive parents nothing and is of little risk. It provides the opportunity for family and friends to invest in the adoption in a tangible way.


Loans are a great way to fund an adoption, especially when the adoption situation is sudden, or you do not have much community assistance available to you. When my husband and I adopted our son, we only had three months notice before his mother was to give birth. We did not have the funds available, did not have time to fundraise, and did not have time to apply for any grants. With this, a loan was our only option. Luckily, we were able to get a very low interest rate for the whole amount of our adoption fairly quickly through our bank. There are also loan institutions that provide little to no interest adoption loans, though that typically requires an application and approval process that can be lengthy.

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