There are many reasons to not become foster parents. Most of them are due to misconceptions. There are several organizations dedicated to debunking myths about children in foster care. A common misconception is that older kids in foster care have something wrong. People believe they are emotionally damaged. While some kids in care may have issues they need to work through, most of them are just regular kids who have been taken from their families through no fault of their own.

Another concern for many is how taking in a child in foster care may affect their existing family, especially their biological children. The other children in the home may not be on board with the idea of sharing their family. The parents worry that their kids will pick up bad habits or get into trouble. The truth is, the kids in care are not juvenile delinquents, they are victims.

Some people fear to become too attached to the child in their care. The initial plan in a foster environment is always reunification with the parents. That road may not be an easy one. If the child has been in a foster placement for a long time, the foster parents will inevitably grieve the loss of that child if reunification occurs. Hesitation to go through that is normal.

Being a foster parent is a complex task. It can be difficult and challenging. Fostering is an emotional journey. The best thing we can do is provide proper education to prospective foster parents and support to those with placements. There are groups in almost every town that are advocates for awareness and support for the foster care system. Together we can be there for those kids in their time of need.


Ashley Foster is a freelance writer. She is a wife and mother of two currently residing in Florida. She loves taking trips to the beach with her husband and sons. As an infant, she was placed with a couple in a closed adoption. Ashley was raised with two sisters who were also adopted. In 2016, she was reunited with her biological family. She advocates for adoptees’ rights and DNA testing for those who are searching for family. Above all, she is thankful that she was given life. You can read her blog at //