The more people you have on your team during your adoption process, the better. I have not met any adoptive parents who felt that they had “too much” support through their adoption. However, when building your support team, both personal and professional, you will want to ensure that the people involved are quality and have your best interest in mind. A great adoption lawyer will be one of your greatest advocates all the way to the finalization of your adoption. He or she is there to fight for you, advocate for your child on your behalf, and make sure that all the legalities are handled correctly. It only takes a little bit of research and review to find a great adoption attorney to ensure you have the best team on your side.

Not too long ago, the process for finding an adoption attorney was to pull out the phone book, make a few calls, and hope for the best. Thankfully with the vast amount of information available to us on the Internet, we have not only contact information for adoption attorneys, but personal reviews, detailed information about the services, and even pricing information right at our fingertips. The Internet is the best place to go to begin the search for a good adoption attorney. Begin with a quick search such as, “Adoption attorneys near me.” This should show you any attorney in your area who has contact information listed and specializes in adoption. It is typically best to choose an attorney who specializes in adoption to best meet your needs and ensure knowledge of your specific type of adoption.

After you have found a few adoption attorneys in your area, take some time to review their websites and reviews that have been posted by others. This will often give you a substantial amount of information on the attorney, his or her beliefs, and what others have experienced when working with that attorney. You can also search social media for other reviews of adoption attorneys. If you are a part of any adoption groups, there is a good chance that someone in these online groups has had experience with some of the attorneys you are considering. The Internet is a wealth of information and the best avenue through which to find an adoption attorney, as it provides you with the most information collected within one place to make an informed choice.

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