If you’re unsure of where to start with an unplanned pregnancy, this article will answer the question: What Are Some Good Adoption Agencies in Georgia? Are you an expectant mother or birth mother living in Georgia, and are you looking to place your child for adoption? Are you wondering about how to cope with an unplanned pregnancy? Here is a great article about Adoption Agencies in Georgia, and if you’re worried about the challenges of placing a child for adoption, here’s a great article on that choice. Also, how do you make an adoption plan for your child?

Georgia Agape Adoption Agency Atlanta

Since 1970, Georgia Agape Adoption Agency Atlanta is a faith-based, not-for-profit, nationally accredited, social service agency that has been providing foster care, adoption, and unplanned pregnancy services. The agency’s mission is “to provide professional social services as a compassionate Christian outreach to children, families, and individuals in order to enhance their prospects for a better and brighter future.” The agency values that everyone deserves a family and that everyone is deserving of compassion. The agency strives for excellence in everything the professionals do, to look for the best interest of the clients, and to value good stewardship and financial integrity. The agency’s mission is to be respected as a premier CPA (which stands for Child Placing Agency) in Georgia acknowledged for its quality, integrity, and professionalism in serving the needs of at-risk children and families.

What else makes Georgia Agape a good agency?

Georgia Agape has an unplanned pregnancy section on the website that helps you understand your options, and believe that adoption is the loving alternative to your difficult situation. The agency also has many unplanned pregnancy services such as:

  • Free professional counseling.
  • Help with medical care.
  • Transportation assistance.
  • Temporary housing assistance.
  • Adoption Planning and Placement.
  • Financial assistance with adoptions.
  • Choice of the adoptive family.
  • Support for if you chose to parent. 
  • Help in any way the professionals possibly can.

With this agency, birth parents are given more involvement with a practice called “openness adoption.” The practice reveals a principle that shows that when everyone’s needs are met, the adoption works best. If you’d like to start your adoption process with Georgia Agape, it’s located at 3094 Mercer University Drive, Suite 200, Atlanta Georgia 30341. You can also call 770-457-3623, or go to the contact section on the website. 

An Open Door Adoption Agency

In 1987, two doctor’s wives found the need to help care for birth mothers and orphans by answering the call of God. Providing 2,100 adoptions, An Open Door Adoption Agency has been serving women, children, and families globally. The agency’s mission statement is to “preserve and enhance human life through the placement of domestic and international children into loving Christian adoptive families.” There’s a section on the website for expectant mothers, that offers free 24-hour counseling. The great thing about this agency is that the agency has offices all throughout the state of Georgia. So, what else makes An Open Door a good agency?

  • You’ll have prenatal care arrangements.
  • You’ll receive medical care.
  • You’ll have access to transportation.
  • You’ll have food and housing available.
  • You’ll receive assistance with other living expenses.
  • You’ll receive free legal help.
  • You’ll have the choice to choose the adoptive family for your child.
  • You’ll receive continued services post-adoption.
  • The agency is supportive if you choose to parent.
  • You don’t have to wait to see a counselor; the agency offers same-day call and meets services.

If An Open Door is the agency you choose to start your adoption process with, you can call 1-800-868-6339, or go to the contact section of the website.

Nightlight Christian Adoptions

In 1997, Nightlight Christian Adoptions became the world’s first embryo adoption program called Snowflakes. The Snowflakes program allows families to experience pregnancy and lets the mother give birth to the adopted child. There’s a section on the website for expectant mothers and have someone available to speak with you 24/7. The agency also has stories from actual birth mothers that have gone through the adoption experience. There’s even a step by step adoption process guideline. What else makes Nightlight a good agency?

  • You’ll have a pregnancy counselor that’ll look after your needs and is focused on caring for you. 
  • The agency and its workers are always there for emotional support throughout your pregnancy, delivery, post-adoption, and in the future.  
  • Nightlight is a Nationwide agency, and you can choose an adoptive family for your child anywhere in the United States. 
  • You can have as much open communication with the adoptive family as you wish. 
  • Nightlight’s services are free of charge for both expectant and birth mothers.
  • The agency works with birth mothers who have older children and want to place those children for adoption. 
  • You won’t feel pressured into choosing adoption.

If Nightlight is the agency you wish to place your child with, you can call 502-423-5780, or email info@nightlight.org

Cradle of Love 

Known as one of Georgia’s most caring adoption agencies, Cradle of Love adoption agency is an agency that offers a more comprehensive approach compared to other adoption agencies. This agency has more than 100 years of experience in placing children with loving adoptive families. The agency is dedicated to providing professional, confidential, and comprehensive services to all of the adoption triad members. The mission is “to seek and secure loving adoptive homes for children placed with our Georgia adoption agency and to lend emotional support, adoption counseling, and adoption assistance to couples who want to adopt a child.” 

So, what about birth parents, and expectant mothers? How does the agency help the birth parents specifically, and what makes Cradle of Love so good for this member of the adoption triad? 

  • The agency works with any qualified expectant mother and birth parent, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, marital status, or gender and sexual orientation. 
  • Cradle of Love offers post-adoption educational and social groups, and also can refer to amazing professionals in art therapy, child and teen counseling, couples therapy, psychological counseling, and more. 
  • There’s a section for adoption assistance for birth parents.
  • The agency lets you choose the adoptive families if you’d like the choice to choose the adoptive family. 
  • You’ll receive financial assistance on a limited case by case basis. 
  • You’ll get connected with job training and placing, financial management and budget classes, health classes, counseling, and other resources.
  • You’ll receive medical adoption assistance, and have access to a private OB and deliver your baby at a private hospital. 
  • You’ll receive adoption counseling. 
  • You’ll be able to speak with other birth mothers who have placed her child for adoption. 

If Cradle of Love is the agency you wish to place your child for adoption with, you can call 770-955-8550, email info@cradleoflove.org, or send a letter to:

Cradle of Love Adoption Counseling and Services

1501 Johnson Ferry Road,

Suite 100

Marietta, GA 30062

Covenant Care Adoptions 

Started in 1989 as a nonprofit Christian adoption and counseling agency, Covenant Care Adoptions has over 30 years of experience serving women in different circumstances. The agency counselors are located all throughout the state of Georgia and provide counseling services to women facing an unplanned pregnancy. This agency’s mission statement is to “serve birthmothers by equipping them to make a loving and life-affirming plan for their child. We will honor them on their journey, whether they choose adoption or parenting.” Covenant Care also educates expectant mothers and birth mothers on why adoption is a good option for the child. Covenant Care’s vision statement is “glorifying God as we become known to all pregnancy service providers in Georgia as the premier agency providing quality, Gospel-driven adoption services to women experiencing unplanned pregnancies.” There’s a section on the website for expectant mothers, and the agency lets you know that abortion isn’t the only option you have in this situation. 

What else makes this agency so good?

  • If you’re thinking about aborting your child, there’s a section towards the bottom of this section of the site where you can hear about three different birth mothers who chose adoption instead of abortion. 
  • The counselors help you every step of the way with the adoption plan. 
  • You’ll get to choose the openness of the adoption. 
  • You’ll get to meet and choose the adoptive family for your child. 
  • You’ll receive referrals to community resources.
  • You’ll receive assistance with living expenses.
  • Services are free to you. 
  • You’ll have a post-adoption support community.
  • You’ll receive pictures of your child as he or she grows up. 
  • The agency lets you know of your options (adoption, parent, or abortion), and counselors can guide you with whichever choice you choose. 
  • You’ll receive post-adoption support.
  • The counselors will meet you wherever you’re most comfortable. 
  • The agency also has advocates; these people make up a support team dedicated to helping you with your pregnancy and being both your friend and advocate. 
  • The advocates look after you physically, emotionally, and spiritually. These individuals also want to develop a supportive and trusting relationship with you, whether or not you choose adoption. 

If Covenant Care is the agency you wish to place your baby for adoption with, you can call 478-292-6060, call a toll free crisis hotline 1-866-813-8655, or mail a letter to:

3950 Ridge Avenue, 

Macon, GA 31210

Lifetime Adoption

For over 30 years, Lifetime Adoption has specialized in assisting birth parents through the open adoption process. Lifetime adoption was founded by Mardie Caldwell. After losing seven pregnancies, Mardie turned to adoption to help build a family. She has an open heart towards birth mothers and has personally and professionally seen the benefits that open adoption can bring towards children, birth parents, and adoptive families. The agency strives to offer the best services possible, and believe that open adoption is the most beneficial situation for all involved in the adoption. There’s even a section for both expectant mothers and birth mothers

What else makes this agency so good?

  • You’ll have access to a 24-hour birth mother hotline: (1.800.923.6784).
  • You’ll receive free and confidential counseling and goal setting guidance. 
  • You’ll receive housing assistance.
  • You’ll receive a pregnancy and adoption planning kit that has brochures, magazines, books, and more.
  • You’ll receive peer support.
  • You’ll have access to adoption webinars. 
  • You’ll have access to online adoption resources. 
  • You’ll get compassionate, personalized attention and support, no matter what decision you choose. 
  • You can make an adoption plan and choose an adoptive family for your older child.
  • You can choose an adoptive family for your baby.
  • You’ll receive help with medical, transportation, legal, and public aid.
  • You’ll receive education on the birth father’s rights.
  • You’ll get to meet the adoptive family.
  • You’ll receive education all about open adoption. 

There’s more about how this agency serves the state of Georgia.

If Lifetime Adoption is the agency you wish to place your child for adoption with, you can call (404)-523-1270.

If you find that these six good agencies aren’t what you’re looking for, this guide about adoption agencies in Georgia, might be able to help you. If you’re still struggling with your choice, you can read articles about birth mothers who chose adoption. And, if you’re undecided, or would like to learn more about your options, here’s an article all about the adoption options. If you’re struggling with your choice of choosing an agency, don’t hesitate to ask the agency these questions. Or, if you haven’t chosen an agency yet, keep these 22 questions in mind when you do choose an agency. 

Expecting a baby and being a birth parent is a challenging and rewarding experience. But if you find it too much to handle, placing your child with a trusted and well-respected agency is a great way to give your child an amazing life. Working with a trusted agency in Georgia will give you a peace of mind that your baby is in good hands, and will forever be a part of a loving adoptive family. Although the adoption process can be emotionally impactful, with these Georgia based agencies, you’ll always have the right support through and long after the adoption process. 

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