Adoption announcements often come in many forms and throughout many different times in an adoption journey. While some like to announce their intent to adopt, others like to wait until they have been matched with a child before announcing. Furthermore, some people prefer to wait until their child is home with them before announcing their adoption. There are many awesome ways to announce an adoption. Here are just a few great adoption announcement ideas to consider as you embark on your adoption journey.

Post Adoption

If you choose to wait until an adoption is finalized or simply want to announce your finalization, this is a very cute and popular way to do so. You can put whatever you want on the chalkboard, including but not limited to the child’s new name, the date of finalization, or even a favorite quote. It is a great way to celebrate your child being legally official!

Pet Siblings

These always bring a dose of humor and are an adorable announcement! If you have any “fur babies,” including them in your adoption announcement can express the joy and excitement you have about your adoption in a very light-hearted way. A message such as  “My Mom and Dad are getting me a human!” is a great way to tell the world you’re adopting!

“Maternity” Photos

These photos are very simple but really elegant and beautiful. There are so many options from which you might choose. Using the word “adopting” gets the message across without really having to add a caption. I have also seen people use a globe as their object in an international adoption. A picture truly is worth a thousand words with this style of announcement.

Family Photo

If you already have children, involving them in your announcement is a great idea. It is always sweet to see a child involved and excited about the adoption journey. Adoption is about adding love and growing a whole family. What better way to express that than utilizing the whole family in the announcement?

Quote or Bible Verse

When my husband and I adopted for the second time, we announced on Christmas day. We posted this picture with a message about the adoption of Jesus and His call to welcome children as did He. We wanted to include our children solely as our main message and also express our love of being parents and our love for our children. It was a great and touching way to share joy at Christmas and tell people about the gift we were expecting in the coming year!