Wow. I tried researching about adoption from Italy a couple of years ago. I’ve always wanted to take a trip to Italy, so this wouldn’t be somewhere I’d mind going for a few visits for our second adoption. I was disappointed to find out; however, that adoptions from Italy are rare. I’d say almost nonexistent.

According to, “Only two Italian orphans have received U.S. immigrant visas in the past five fiscal years.” I was curious as to why that was. I sent the following email to an Italian address I found:

Hi, I only know limited Italian, so I hope you can read this. I was wondering why Italy had only two international adoptions in the last few years? If it’s not closed entirely, then why only two? Do people mostly adopt within Italy? What would we have to do to be that lucky to be a U.S. couple to adopt from Italy? We adopted in the U.S. already and are interested in a second adoption and traveling there. Thanks for any information.

The email was not distributed. It was sent back by the postmaster.

Other than the state information and an email address that doesn’t even work; I have found nothing. I wonder why adoptions aren’t just closed off and how only two children were adopted. Perhaps, they were adopted by those with dual citizenship in the U.S. and Italy? Were they adopted by relatives in the U.S.? I can’t seem to find any information.

According to, “Prospective adoptive parents must legally reside in Italy. Immigrant visa statistics show that no Italian children have received adoption immigrant visas in the past five years. Accordingly, for U.S. residents, adoption from Italy is not possible.”

To save you time, I’d take that last sentence to heart and look elsewhere. International adoption is hard, as is all adoption, but look for a country with a long history of adoptions, like China. You can also stick with domestic adoption or foster care. For more information on adopting in your state, please visit  

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