Show your appreciation to your birth mother this Mother’s Day by creating your memory book.

Birth mothers are amazing people. When you think of your birth mother, what things come to your mind? What is your favorite memory of her? Mother’s Day is on May 9th, 2021, and one of the grand gestures you can do is create a memory book. A memory book is like a special scrapbook filled with photos, letters, word clippings, and small items that have a significant meaning. The purpose of a memory book is to fill the book with memories as they happen. If you’re wondering just how to create a memory book honoring your birth mother on Mother’s day, this article will provide some great tips and creative ideas! 

What Type of Book Should I Use to Create a Memory Book? 

The most common books used to create a memory book are scrapbooks, binders, or photo albums. You can personalize it however you’d like, and you could always look on websites like Pinterest for some creative suggestions!

Where Should I Start? 

You can start from the beginning, like the moment you were born. Do you have any photos of your birth mother with you when you were a baby? Any special items from the day you were born? Think of ways to honor the day you were born, and don’t hesitate to ask your adoptive parents for assistance with your memory book. 

What Should I Include In the Memory Book? 

You can include anything that has a significant meaning to both you and your birth mother. You can add special photos, cards, letters, quotes, poems, mementos, and anything else you can think of. 

What Photos Should I Put Into the Memory Book?

You can put photos of your childhood and a photo of who you are now. Adding cute captions to the photos adds a very sweet touch. You could also add pictures of your adoptive family. 

What Are Some Heartfelt Poems I Could Add? 

Beautiful poetry is a great thing to add to your memory book. Birth parents and families’ poems are always shown as a heartfelt gesture and reflect any birth mother’s thoughts. To get you started, here are some wonderful poems about birth mothers. 

“A Mother’s Love” by Hellen Steiner Rice

A Mother’s love is something

that no one can explain,

It is made of deep devotion

and of sacrifice and pain,

It is endless and unselfish

and enduring come what may,

For nothing can destroy it

or take that love away,

It is patient and forgiving

when all others are forsaking,

And it never fails or falters

even though the heart is breaking,

It believes beyond believing

when the world around condemns

, And it glows with all the beauty

of the rarest, brightest gems,

It is far beyond defining,

it defies all explanation,

And it remains a secret

like the mysteries of creation,

A many splendid miracles

man cannot understand

And another wondrous evidence

of God’s tender guiding hand.

“Our Magic Moment” by Unknown 

We’ve shared one magical moment,

the moment you were born.

It’s worth its weight in gold,

but you have other wonders to behold.

I’ll cherish our one moment,

and hope you will too.

We may not connect in any other way,

But we’ll always have our magic moment – your birthday.

“My Child, Their Child” by Heather Corcoran-Schneider

This is my child, Yet she is not mine-

My flesh and blood, but their sweat and tears-

She carries my genes, Yet will be shaped by their


She lives strong in my heart, but her heart

feels for them-

She lives in my fantasies, my dreams.

Yet she’s their dream come true, their beautiful

and precious reality-

I gave her life, with which she made theirs whole

I learned so much to love her, that I let her go-

My child, their child it doesn’t make sense,

Yet at the same time-

My child, my dream for her to have better, then I could give,

Their child, their dream, to give her better then

I could give,-

My child, so painful, the hurt caused by her

leaving so much grieving,

Yet a world full of happiness in their receiving.

“Birth Mother’s Innocence” by Tina Marie

I gave them life.

I gave them love.

May they forgive me for giving them up.

Adoption is not a bad word.

But still this birth mother’s cries go unheard.

They fall upon deaf ears,

Even after all these years.

Every night as I cry these tears, watching my hope slip away.

Fading my life to once I gave to a child I hardly got to know.

Only for the nine months, I carried him in my soul.

Hoping the best things in life would come our way.

Only to learn things in life are just not that way.

It’s hard on us mothers that want to stay sane.

Morals Values Innocents, are all in Vain.

Life is hard and is not free.

“You must work for it,” the Lord said unto me.

I lose hope more everyday with this so-called government that we have made.

Thy Lord said unto me, “You can only trust and count upon me.

So don’t give up hope because I will deliver your children unto thee.

When! you prove to your children your innocence as you have unto me.

They will forgive you and trust in you as you do me.

I love you, my daughter, thou hast always believed in me.”

“All I Have Missed” by Amy L. Chenault

At times I feel selfish

when I sit and cry

and think about the time

and blessings that have passed me by.

I didn’t get to experience

a bit of the love you forever

this love I have runs deep.

I need to watch you grow

into the person I know you’ll be

So, I have these memories

to sustain me.

Although I can do none of these

and I cry with a heavy heart

deep inside I know

we’re never really apart.

Through all I have missed

my love still abound

I thank God each day

for you Mom and Dad, I found.

What Are Some Heartfelt Quotes I Could Include?

Adding lovely quotes to your memory book is another amazing way to honor your birth mother. Here are some inspiring and beautiful quotes to add. 

“Adoption is wonderful and beautiful and the greatest blessing I have ever experienced. Adoption is also difficult and painful. Adoption is a beautiful picture of redemption.” – Katie J. Davis

“A birthmother puts the needs of her child above the wants of her heart.” – Skye Hardwick

“There is such a special sweetness in being able to participate in creation.” -Pamela S. Nadav

“No language can express the power and beauty and heroism of a mother’s love.” -Edwin Chapin

“In adoption, a child is not given up. A birth mother gives life, a child a family, unconditional love. She gives a part of her heart that will never feel whole. She gives another mother a part of her heart that was missing…you give a lot, just never give up.”  – Terra Cooper

“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.” – Maya Angelou

“In giving birth to our babies, we may find that we give birth to new possibilities within ourselves.” -Myla and Jon Kabat-Zinn

“I felt more love for my baby than I had ever experienced before. But I found that the more I loved him, the more I wanted to find out what would be best for him throughout his entire life. The things I wanted most for him (a stable family with a mother and father, a home to live in, a mother who could stay at home with him, financial security, etc.) were things I could not provide. So it was because I loved him so much that I chose adoption.” – Martina

“A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dates all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.” -Agatha Christie

“The circumstances surrounding your birth are not as important as the opportunity to live life.”– Lailah Gifty Akita

“A birth mother’s conviction and knowledge of what she feels is right is a force to be reckoned with.” – Jessa Speight

“Having children just puts the whole world into perspective. Everything else just disappears.” -Kate Winslet

“Giving birth does not make a mother… Placing a child for adoption does not make her less of one.” – Unknown

“I am a living testament you can be adopted and successful.” — Daunte Culpepper

“He didn’t realize that love as powerful as your mother’s for you leaves its own mark.” -J.K. Rowling

“Children and mothers never truly part, bound together by the beating of one another’s heart.” – Charlotte Gray

“Adoption is the hardest thing you will probably ever do in your life. You feel like your heart is being ripped out. But, if you are doing it for all the right reasons, your life, will truly be blessed forever.” – Laura Gladden

“The love of a mother is the veil of a softer light between the heart and the heavenly father.” – Samuel Taylor Coleridge

“The most important part of my adoption journey was realizing that my decision to place did not mean that I was not good enough. It was my circumstances, not my ability to mother, that made placement the right decision for me.”  – Annaleece Merrill

“From the moment I found out about you, I loved you. That loved didn’t even compare to the amount of love I had for you the day I placed you in your new parent’s arms.”  – Jill Wong

“Deciding to have a child – it is to decide forever to have your heart go walking outside your body.” – Elizabeth Stone 

Should I Put Mother’s Day Cards in the Memory Book? 

Absolutely! Mother’s Day cards are a nice touch to a memory book, and you can also add your own heartfelt words to them. You could add other holiday cards to her too. 

What Kind of Letters Should I Write?

Writing a letter to your birth mother is a profound way of expressing your feelings for her. Write some tender letters to her, saying how you feel about her. Write an inspiring note about just how her choice has led you to an amazing life. You should always write from the heart, and if you plan on having your birth mother read your letters one day, you could write about how you’ve been doing. You could also include your interests and hobbies. Whatever way you choose to write your letter, you’re already honoring your birth mother by taking time to express your feelings about her. 

What Mementos Should I Include? 

Mementos are a sentimental addition to add to a memory book. You can include things that are meaningful to you, such as: 

School photos – You could add some school photos from each year of picture day to show your birth mom how much you’ve grown. 

Crafts – You can put some cards, drawings, and other small crafts you can fit in a memory book. 

Achievements and Awards – You could have copies of your diploma, ribbons, and achievement certificates. 

Recipes – If your birth mom loves to cook or bake, you can add some fun recipes to make together someday. 

Keepsakes From When You Were a Baby –

Hospital bracelets, footprints, and photos of you as a baby are sweet keepsakes to put in the memory book. 

A memory book honoring your birth mother will be a gift like no other. Whether you show it to your birth mom or keep it just for yourself is completely up to you. My wish for you is that this article has helped you with some expressive ways to create your memory book and that you feel like it honors your birth mother in every way. 

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Kandice Confer is an adopted twin, wife, and mother of two girls who loves spending time with her family and two rabbits. She loves reading and writing inspirational works of literature and loves telling stories.