Short answer? Nothing. Choosing to place a child for adoption is an incredibly difficult process, but once you’ve found an agency to work with, most of your pregnancy and delivery costs will be covered by the agency and the hopeful adoptive parents you choose. A number of expenses can add to the overall cost:

Medical Expenses

All your medical cost (including prenatal, delivery, and postpartum) that isn’t covered by Medicaid or Medicare will be covered by the hopeful adoptive parents through your agency. Sonograms, monthly visits, and ultrasounds should all be covered.


You’re going to have a lot of questions and concerns. You’ll need someone to talk you through not only the process of choosing a family but post-placement issues as well. If the agency you choose doesn’t have an in-house counselor, they can refer you to a therapist or social worker who will help you through the process, including plans for placement and the future.

Legal Help

It’s really important that expectant parents have an attorney of their own—one separate from the attorney used by the hopeful adoptive parents. Your lawyer will be a big help in navigating the mountain of paperwork at placement time. A lawyer can help you state preferences regarding openness and contact with the baby after placement, and help you recoup living expenses and other financial transactions.

Living Expenses

Depending on your state’s laws, most living cost, including maternity clothes, rent, and other quality-of-life items, can be passed on to the adoptive parents through your agency. Different states have different restrictions, and your agency and attorney will be especially helpful in figuring out these items.

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Written by Jennifer Galan