Camille & Alec

Hoping to Adopt (Texas)


Why Adoption

We are so excited to add yet another family member through adoption!

We are Camille, Alec, and Sophie, and we are looking forward to introducing ourselves to you.
Our first child, Sophie, was born in 2020. Shortly after having Sophie, we learned that Camille has a health condition which would make any future pregnancy high risk for both her and the baby. However, we knew that we still wanted to add to our family and decided to explore other options for doing so. Adoption runs deep in our family and we know it is the perfect fit for us. Camille’s mom and two maternal uncles are adopted, and we have cousins on both sides who are adopted. We are so excited to add yet another family member through adoption!
Meet Camille (By Alec)

She is an incredible mother.

Camille with one of our two Siberian cats, Moose.
Camille is fiercely guided by her empathy and kindness towards friends, family, and neighbors. She is intently focused on ensuring that others are well cared for, and devotes much of her free time to doing things for those around her: thoughtful activities for Sophie, homemade food for gatherings, or care packages for extended family. She is an incredible mother who currently stays at home with Sophie. Sophie is engaged, learning new words, playing games, or singing songs. We take a Montessori-lite approach to raising Sophie, so Camille engages with her by having her help with meal prep, cleaning up spills, building crafts, or allowing Sophie to explore the yard. Camille is incredibly excited to meet our future child and incorporate them in these activities as well. Motherly achievements notwithstanding, Camille is an accomplished structural engineer who loves working on historic buildings, preserving and re-invigorating important buildings for their next 100 years. At some point (maybe when the kids get to school age), she plans to return to work or partner with a former colleague to found their own firm.
Meet Alec (By Camille)

It is obvious that Alec loves being a dad.

Alec enjoys recharging at home by working on and driving his vintage 1969 BMW 2002.
My favorite thing about Alec is his mind. He thinks deeply and is always coming up with creative solutions. He is very funny and certainly can banter. However, if you ask him a serious question, he will sit and think about it thoroughly. Then when he delivers his response, it is always thoughtful and eloquent. In his professional career, Alec works as a life insurance actuary. To be honest, I have never fully understood what exactly Alec’s work entails and I almost need a dictionary to comprehend all the jargon when he attempts to explain it to me. However, I generally understand that it is the math behind life insurance, requires a deep understanding of high level math and statistics, and involves quite a bit of computer programming. Alec works from home, which allows us to spend plenty of family time together even when work is busy. It is obvious that Alec loves being a dad. He will sometimes sneak out of his office in between calls just to see Sophie for a few minutes. Alec enjoys all of the typical dad activities like tossing Sophie in the air and taking her out exploring at the park. However, I think he gets just as much fulfillment out of the gentler activities like tucking Sophie in for bed, feeding her a bottle when she was an infant, and comforting her when she wakes up during the night. There has been more than one occasion where Alec has walked out of Sophie’s room wiping tears of love and joy after reading her a bedtime story and tucking her in for bed. I know that he will be just as incredible of a dad to the next addition to our family too.
Our Lifestyle and Parenting Approach

We would be deeply honored to be your child’s parents.

We look forward to getting to know you and you us.
As a family, we prioritize spending quality time together - we eat dinner together each night and love to play together. We enjoy traveling and experiencing new places, ideas, cultures, and foods. We highly value education in all its forms - books are available at child height in multiple rooms of our home, and we read together every day before nap and before bed. We love spending time in our backyard, where we have a vegetable garden, an herb garden, a “pocket prairie” for pollinators, a small chicken flock, and plenty of grass for playing. We also love to spend time in the great outdoors through activities like hiking, biking, fishing, and camping. We emphasize sustainability - among other things, we recycle, compost, put food scraps to use by feeding them to our chickens, and try to minimize our consumption of single-use plastics. We prioritize the concept of “help me help myself” by providing child size tools, making items like bibs, utensils, cleaning supplies, and outerwear easily available at child height, and incorporating Sophie in activities like cooking, gardening, collecting eggs from our chickens, and caring for our cats. We are so grateful to you for spending the time to get to know us. We look forward to getting to know you too. We would be deeply honored to be your child’s parents, to have them as an integral member of our family, to raise them with love and joy, and to be by their side through life’s obstacles.
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