Elizabeth & Lee

Hoping to Adopt (Arizona)



Whatever you are considering or decide, we believe you will make the right choice for you and your child.

We pray that you maintain your courage and find peace as you continue on your journey.
Thank you so much for taking some time to learn more about us. We cannot begin to imagine what your journey has been so far, the challenges you have faced and the decisions you have had to make up to now. We hope that you learn more about us as you scroll across our page. Our story begins in the summer of 2007 when we met working as lifeguards in our hometown in Texas. By the end of that first summer, we had started dating, which was a little bit of a feat considering Lee is a few years older than me. Thank goodness my father loved him, as did the rest of my family. We dated for six years, with the majority being long distance because we went to colleges in different states. In October 2013, we got married in our hometown. Our relationship and love for each other continues to grow through the ups and downs. We complement and bring out the best in each other, especially when times get rough. Our relationship has weathered many storms: from our long distance relationship to recognizing our infertility, from several cross country moves to living in a house while we gutted and renovated it, and changes in jobs. Through all of it, our reliance on each other and our strength in overcoming any obstacle has been reinforced.
Our Why

What a journey we have experienced so far, we cannot wait to take the next step in that journey.

Adoption is such a beautiful example of love and we cannot wait to share in that love.
It is funny to look back, because we both remember that on our first date, sitting in Mellow Mushroom, one of our favorite pizza restaurants, we talked about how having children was important to both of us. Today, the children in our lives are such a joy, from our nieces and nephews to our four godchildren. We did not know that having children of our own was going to be the journey it has been, having to accept infertility and failed embryo transfers. Our journey is not over though, and we came to realize together that adoption was the perfect way to grow our family. When we started the process of our home study and wanted to thank our friends and family who wrote our references, we found the perfect analogy for adoption to us in one of Lee’s favorite candies. We gave our references Belly Flops, which are Jelly Belly jelly beans that come in unique forms, but are just as delicious as the candy you'd expect. They might not look like the other jelly beans, but they are just as good if not better. We hope we can share some with you. We can’t wait to grow our family through adoption and, just like the candy we love, it might not look like the typical way, but it is absolutely perfect
About us

We will make sure our child knows they are loved and has the support to achieve whatever their goals are.

Family outing in Arizona.
Elizabeth is a hard worker and wants to be successful in whatever she puts her mind to. Being active is a big part of Elizabeth’s life. Running, swimming or riding a bike are all great! Elizabeth is caring and passionate about helping others. She will make sure our child knows they are loved and has the support to achieve whatever their goals are. Because of our adoption journey, we know that we may not get nine months to plan for our child's arrival, and Elizabeth is already creating something for our child for when they arrive. Like I said, she’s a planner and also loves to quilt so she is excitedly making a Dr. Seuss quilt for the baby room. Lee is a thinker and tinkerer who loves his family. He is a provider and planner, someone who thinks of everything and is always there for his loved ones. Outside of work, Lee loves to spend time with his family and enjoys being outdoors, most often on a mountain bike. Lee loves to mountain bike and recently has been drawn to teach/coach others. He realized that he didn’t need to wait for our children to begin impacting the lives of other children. He reached out to our local middle school/high school team to donate his time and talents by coaching the next generation of kids. He will be all about getting bikes for our child before they even need one just so they are ready (or whatever else they will be into). He already has all the bad dad jokes down and uses them with our nieces, nephews and godchildren.
Before you go

Know that we are praying for you, that you find peace and love through your journey even if we are not in it.

We truly are blessed and honored you are learning about us.
Thank you so much for spending the time to read and begin learning about us. Here is what we hope you walk away with – we believe you are truly amazing and brave. We pray that you find peace and love as you walk your journey and know that if you choose us to join you, we could not be more blessed and honored. We hope you have started to see that we are caring, loving, and passionate. We promise to care for your child and provide for all their needs, both physically, emotionally and spiritually. We do not know the end of this journey, but we are so excited to continue on, and we would love to meet you and learn more about you. Feel free to connect with us through the contact link. With gracious thoughts, Elizabeth and Lee
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