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We're JJ and Lo, and these are our sons, Miles (6) and Wesley (2.5). We know you're in the midst of making some really important decisions, and we want you to know you're doing awesome. No one has ever been you, carrying this child (or children!), experiencing this pregnancy in these unique circumstances. So let go of any pressure to "get this right" and instead, embrace this opportunity to create beautiful futures both you and your little one(s). You should know there are a BUNCH of people in Texas and in California – our family and friends – who are praying for you right now, that you would feel peace, and that you would have the strength to press on and be confident in your decision, whatever that may be. You have our highest respect for choosing life for this little one. You've already demonstrated your great love for him or her with that single choice. You are bringing new life and new hope into the world... how cool is that?! You got this! JJ + Lo
Why Adoption

We are not experiencing infertility but have chosen adoption to start our family and to continue growing our family, God willing!

We want our children to be proud that adoption is a part of our family's story
Adoption is something we’ve talked about ever since we started dating. Lo had always dreamed of forming her family through adoption, and JJ loves kiddos however they come! We are not experiencing infertility but have chosen adoption to start our family and to continue growing our family, God willing! We are blown away by the sacrificial love of birth moms – we can't even fathom how hard making that choice must be, and we are in awe of anyone who possesses that level of courage and selflessness. We feel called to show our respect and our support by nominating ourselves as hopeful and loving parents of a child we believe was no mistake. We believe Miles’ and Wesley's lives were planned and purposed since the beginning of time, that their birth moms were specifically chosen for them, and that God formed our family with joy and intentionality. In fact, we can't imagine not being a family! Everyone who knows the boys agrees that they were clearly meant to be brothers, and we know that's all the Lord's doing. God gave us each other through adoption, and we are forever grateful. We trust that the Lord knows the future of our family, and that He is waiting with childlike expectation for us to meet the next little blessing we will be lucky enough to call our son or daughter!
Meet JJ + Lo + Miles + Wesley

We have the best time doing life together & can't wait to include another little person in our fun!

We can't imagine life without each other! We are so blessed to be each other's best friends!
Meet JJ – JJ was born & raised in Texas, and attended college in Oklahoma. He’s one of 7 siblings, most of whom are married and live locally with their families. Family gatherings now number 25+, and it’s the most wonderful, joyful chaos! JJ works as a custom home builder, helping families build their dream homes. Miles & Wesley LOVE visiting JJ’s job sites & think their dad has the coolest job EVER! JJ is a jack of all trades – if it involves being outdoors & a proficient level of athleticism, you can bet he’s done it and is really good at it! He is seen by our friends as an easygoing, fun-loving, welcoming guy who makes people feel cared-for. He is always calm, cool, & collected, and is never one to complain. He accepts challenges, setbacks, and successes in stride, and is open for whatever God has for him in each new day. Meet Lo – Lo was born & raised in Southern California, and moved to Texas after college graduation. With a business degree & a background in fashion, she helped build a home & fashion accessories company that employed refugee women resettled in Texas from all over the world. While Lo loved her work, it became clear that being with Miles full-time was the best choice for our family. Lo loves being with the boys full-time! Teaching them to swim, exploring wildlife at the lake nearby, doing art projects, baking, reading, playing... Lo loves being an active, present mom, and can’t wait to add another little person to this party! Meet Miles – Miles is an absolute joy! He is so much fun, always tries to get a laugh, and is the world's best big brother. He has adored Wesley since day one, and has a spirit of leadership & inclusiveness that gives us confidence in adding another brother or sister to his watchful care. Miles is very active, strong, & capable. He loves being outside and is often swimming, exploring the lake & creek behind our house, or riding his skateboard/scooter/bike/motorcycle. Miles is SMART. He doesn’t miss a beat and is very emotionally intuitive. He loves books and is working very hard to learn how to ready by himself! Meet Wesley – Wesley is a hoot! He is silly, strong-willed, and independent. He loves helping & having a job to do. He is incredibly tender with his stuffed animals & dolls, making us sure he is absolutely going to love having a little brother or sister to take care of. Wesley is strong in body & in spirit – if he has an idea in his head, he will work hard to see it through. The desire to keep up with his active big brother combined with his sheer physical size amounts to one formidable little dude!
Open Adoption

We know you love your son or daughter more than anyone could fathom. And we promise, if we become his or her parents, we will do the same.

The boys' birth moms blessed our socks off when they chose us to be Miles & Wesley's parents – you too are creating a beautiful legacy and you should be so so proud!
Well that’s us in a nutshell! One last thing we’d like you to know about us is that we’re hoping for an open relationship with our next child’s birth mom. Our boys' relationships with their birth families differ in their openness and that's totally okay. We are proud to be able to tell both of our boys how much their birth moms love them, and we are so thankful they both get to experience that love in-person in some way. We understand everyone is different, and has different needs at different times. In no way do we want you to feel pressure to commit to any visitation or communication off the bat. But we do ask that you would consider ways in which you might feel comfortable being available to your child at some point, should he or she have questions, or want a relationship of some kind. We want to know you too! But this is not about us, it’s about you and your biological child nurturing a bond that only you will have. We can be many things for this precious kiddo, but his or her biological parent is not one of them. You will always hold a special place in his or her heart, and we want to cultivate that and protect that as best we can. We know you love this child more than anyone could fathom. And we promise, if we become his or her family, we will do the same. Biggest hugs, JJ + Lo
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