This can depend greatly on where you are in your adoption journey. When your child is placed for adoption, you voluntarily terminate your parental rights. However, before placement takes place, your rights as a birth mother are the same as any expectant mother. You decide if you want to place your baby.

If you have not yet placed your child, you are the parent of your child and therefore all the rights of being a parent are yours. This includes choosing how you would like your pregnancy to proceed, dealing with health concerns for your child when in the womb and after birth, and even naming your child. Those rights are all yours.

After you have voluntarily terminated your rights to proceed with placement, you no longer have any legal rights as a parent to your child. However, in some states there is a short period of time where you can revoke the termination. Ask your adoption professional what that window of time is for you. After termination, you no longer get to decide how your child should be parented, any medical decisions, or any other aspect of your child’s life. The effects of termination are permanent.

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