To start in the adoption process, it is important to first do a lot of brainstorming and self-reflection. The beginning of the adoption journey will see a plethora of decisions. You will need to know what kind of adoption you want to seek, how old the child will be, what special needs you might be open to, etc. You will also need to decide if you are at a place in life — both personally and financially — to pursue the adoption process.

To start, you want to gather as much information about adoption as possible. If you are adopting with a partner, sit down with them and discuss what you are hoping for so you can be sure you are on the same page. You then want to contact a few adoption agencies in your area to see what you might be looking at as far as pricing and process. Many of these agencies will be happy to answer any in-depth questions you might have and also give you an outline of the nature of the adoption process. It is also wise to gather information from a local foster agency in order to determine if adoption from foster care might be the way to go. Be open and do not buy into myths about adoption and foster care. You are just gathering information at this point and you will want to know all of your options.

Once you have all of the information available to you, you and your partner (if applicable) can pour over the information to see what might fit for you. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to adoption. There are very few who can simply be open to any adoption situation presented to them. It is okay to decide and be firm on what type of adoption situation you believe you can take on. This is why it is crucial that your first step consists of those soul-searching conversations between you and anyone else involved to know what you can take on and that you are all prepared to take part in the process wholeheartedly.

Lita Jordan is a master of all things “home.” A work-from-home, stay-at-home, homeschooling mother of five, she has a BA in Youth Ministry from Spring Arbor University. She is married to the “other Michael Jordan” and lives on coffee and its unrealistic promises of productivity. Lita enjoys playing guitar and long trips to Target. Follow her on Facebook.