A CASA worker is a Court Appointed Special Advocates volunteer. CASA volunteers are sworn officers of the court appointed by a juvenile court judge to advocate for children who are living in foster care as a result of abuse or neglect. State caseworkers are very busy and usually have an overload of cases. They are spread too thin, and the CASA program ensures that someone is looking out for the best interest of each individual child. Each CASA volunteer spends several hours a month with a youth he or she has been assigned to.

CASA volunteers review documents and records pertaining to the child’s case. They interview adult family members as well as other adults in the child’s life. Volunteers advocate for the child in court and provide written reports for court hearing. Court can sometimes be a scary and complex experience for a child to go through. The CASA volunteer takes the time to explain the proceedings to the child in a way he or she can understand.

It is the CASA volunteer’s job to seek a cooperative solution among individuals and organizations involved in the child’s life. He or she will make sure the child and the child’s family are receiving all of the resources available to them, as well as bring up any concerns about the child’s health, education, etc.

During such a difficult time in a child’s life, a CASA volunteer can give a child the confidence that someone is still on his or her side and has his or her best interests at heart. CASA workers are encouraged to stay on board for the entire duration of the child’s case so things will move more smoothly and easily for the child.

For more information about CASA volunteers, including how to become one or other ways you can help, visit their website here.

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