Private adoption is one of the most common types of adoptions, especially when it comes to that of infant adoption. In private adoption, the birth parent, or parents, voluntarily place their child for adoption, often choosing the family with whom they will place their child. Birth parents can either find a family on their own through word of mouth or profile searches, or via the help of an adoption agency or attorney. It is also one of the reasons parent profiles, like the ones shown here, are an important tool in adoption.

Private adoption is the route most chosen when hoping to adopt an infant. Public adoption or adoption from foster care often finds it difficult to place infants with hopeful adoptive families. While it does happen, it is much rarer than private adoption. Prospective parents who want to adopt an infant will likely go with the private adoption route.

Private adoption is also more expensive than adoption fromĀ foster care. There are so many variables that come into play in private adoption. Prospective adoptive parents may be subject to adoption fees, including but not limited to the agency, home study, living expenses for the birth mother, court, and attorney fees, etc. It can often reach into the tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the circumstances.

Through this route, prospective parents may try to find a match on their own to avoid some of the fees. Some of those adoptions occur with extended families or friends by word of mouth. It is very common that prospective parents match with someone they know, or a situation involving a friend, or family member. Social media has been a great help in utilizing the option of self-matching. Private adoption allows the most extensive journey, as it typically begins with the birth mother’s pregnancy and extends to well after the birth parents placed their child.

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