An adoption registry is a formal avenue for adoptees and birth families to be reunited.  Most of them are free of charge; however, others sometimes involve a fee. has its own registry where individuals and families can conduct searches by state.  

Steps to navigating an adoption registry recommends that adoptees begin with the following steps among others: (1) get their original birth certificates if possible; (2) get their non-identifying adoption information in order to narrow the search; (3) search for adoption files and relevant information; (4) take note of any stories and/or possible rumors about their adoption; and (5) contact their adoption agency.  These are great places to start and will help immensely in the search and reunion process.  

Child Welfare Information Gateway states that “Most of these reunion registries are ‘passive,’ meaning that both parties …must independently register in order for a match to be made.  The largest passive registry is the International Soundex Reunion Registry. This free service is open to all adopted adults over 18 years of age, all birth parents, and all adoptive parents of adopted children under 18 years of age.”¹


  • There is minimal information about success rates, but it is believed that ‘active’ registries have much higher effectiveness statistically.²
  • If you are searching for a family member, become prepared emotionally as much as you can.  Remember that the search and the discovery are two very different things.  If you can find a support group, either locally or online, or even perhaps a therapist do so if it means added support for you and your journey.

For more information regarding search and reunion, visit for a comprehensive course.



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