Open adoption is an adoption structure where the birth family and adoptive family are aware of important personal information (names, location, etc) and have the option for post placement contact. Open adoption has been proven to be an incredible way to raise an adoptee. It’s also incredibly beneficial for the birth parents and their grieving process.

When you’re considering placing your child for adoption, it’s important for you to decide what level of openness you would like. You must also remember that in most states, a post-adoption communication agreement is not legally enforceable. Even when it is legally enforceable, there may not be serious enforcement available. It’s of the utmost importance to talk with the potential adoptive family to decide the openness and establish trust so that you can feel comfortable in the open adoption arrangement.

As an adoptive parent, you should consider having an open adoption, if possible, with your child’s adoption. Though not always possible, as in the cases of international or foster adoption, having that connection to the birth parents can be vital. Your child will benefit greatly from knowing his or her roots, not to mention having access to invaluable medical history. An open adoption doesn’t have to be confusing to your child and starts with remaining open with your child about his or her adoption.