The adoption triad is composed of the three groups of people whose lives are joined as immediate members of an adoption family story. The first group in the triad is the birth parents. Even if one or both parents are unknown, they are still vital members of the triad. Children who were placed will always be a part and forever linked to their birth parents.

The second part of the triad is the adoptive parent or parents. These parents will be the main caretakers of the child who has been placed, and will have a very important role to fill. They are linked forever to their child through adoption, just as if they had conceived that child. They are also forever linked to the birth parents. Even if the adoption is closed, they will recognize glimmers of the birth parents in their child. They will also forever have the knowledge of the family that was created when the birth parents decided to place their child. If an adoption is open, this relationship and bond can hopefully continue to grow and flourish.

The last and most important part of the triad is the child placed for adoption. This child will be bonded and joined forever with both birth and adoptive parents. Adopted children will have traits of both families and will always have a connection to each in a deeper way than any other member of the triad could understand. They will grow to learn how to navigate through life from their adoptive parents and about their heritage through the conversations or stories of their birth parents. If an adoption is closed, the child will still hold this connection through physical and natural traits.

The adoption triad is the triangle that binds an adoption story together for life.

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Written by Lita Jordan