As a little girl, the only dream I had was to grow up, marry a very tall man so I could always wear high heels, and have babies. Instead, I grew up, married a kind, loving man, and suffered from infertility for 16 years before our first son was born. Adoption is great.

Adoption has been the answer to long-awaited unanswered prayers. Due to adoption, I spent sleepless nights in a chair snuggling my newborn son. Because of it, I was blessed with a two-year-old boy with nightmares and was able to soothe his mind and hold his body. By adopting, I was able to love a two-year-old girl and ease her fears, help her through the trauma of her past.

For a mother with an unexpected pregnancy, adoption brings peace. A chance to have a choice in the outcome of the child’s life. To know how he is, who he is, and that he is okay. A birth mother can choose with whom she would ideally like her child to grow up. A family that she may not be able to provide at this point in her life.

For a child in foster care, it’s a chance at a stable and normal life. A chance at a “do-over.” A chance to be loved, snuggled, adored, and to break the cycle.  A chance at healing, in education, a sober living, and stability.

For the family of the child in foster care, it’s an opportunity to know that their child is safe, healthy, and thriving. Whether or not they are allowed contact, it’s a chance to know that his life can be good and healthy again. To know that their child doesn’t have to write the same ending to his story.

A child of adoption has an opportunity to be loved and accepted by an entire family, and sometimes, their birth family as well. There is more love, more opportunity, with less stress.  A chance to grow up with a stable home environment, to participate in activities that a birth parent may not be able to provide, for any myriad of reasons. A chance at knowing a two-parent home, or a prepared one parent home.

Adoption is a beautiful and natural process. Having a mother place her trust, the core of her being, in the hands of another mother, it requires strength. That strength brings healing and a bond that is unbeatable. For the adoptive mother, it brings pure bliss due to the completion of a dream. Together, it creates the perfect family; two imperfect scenarios that lead to a perfect solution.

Nothing is perfect. But it doesn’t have to be perfect to be great. For many, adoption is a great thing. It can be messy, hard, wonderful and just plain wonderful. Anything that is worth doing takes time, effort and strength.

Adoption. It is great.

Karla King is a passionate open adoption advocate, adoptive mom, foster mom, wife, reader, avid creator of food, a stay-at-home mom, and Christian. She loves taking care of her family, supporting others on the adoption journey, and watching the world through her children’s eyes.