Step 2: Choose the Help You Need

What help do you need?

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Can I receive financial support during my pregnancy?

Pregnancy—especially an unplanned pregnancy—can feel demanding. You will need access to health care, an OB/GYN, maternity clothing, safe housing, and more. There are plenty ofresources to help ease the financial burden you may by experiencing throughout your pregnancy.

Start considering what your immediate needs are by answering these questions:

  • • Who is my support system?
  • • What is my financial situation?
  • • What are my time commitments?
  • • How does a pregnancy affect my immediate life plans?
  • • What resources are available to me?

Need to talk to someone? Text, Chat or Call us. Where here to help.

See page 10 of My Adoption Plan: Finding Help and Hope on Your Adoption Journey. Don’t have a copy? Download here.

What are your adoption options?

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